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Listening to @chriscoyier@twitter.com talk about The Great Divide: css-tricks.com/the-great-divid . "Frontend development" is just a huge, loaded term now.

I wrote a post called Frontend Design, React, and a Bridge Over the Great Divide: bradfrost.com/blog/post/fronte


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even if you go to mars, that's an average distance of 14 light-minutes. phone calls, vidchats, all kinds of synchronous communication all go out the window. you have to go back to asynchronous methods for interplanetary communication: emails, forums, comment sections. in a sense, going to space means going back to the 90s

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"The Gradual Design System: How We Built Slack Kit" it's a long process, but just one component, thoroughly documented, was immediately valuable, and created a virtuous cycle for the system. slack.engineering/the-gradual-

Never forget that a simple, friendly comment/reply can make someones day.

How would you build a social network if the objective was to *maximize* drama ?

I'm glad I got burned
Think of all the things we learned
For the people who are still alive.

Have we learned yet what GLaDOS tried to teach us about the value of failing forward?

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Battery life is critical. Here are some general principles for web developers to create energy-efficient web content. You can help us make the web more powerful by using less power. webkit.org/blog/8970/how-web-c

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Factual account of #Reactgate with time-stamps and links. I hope to provide *clarity*—people may now draw their own conclusions.

Eternal gratitude && love for @fiinixdesign@twitter.com for doing the research and labour. Carlos is an incredible human and friend. 💙


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You may think your Gmail account is private, but Google disagrees. Google told a judge that users have "no legitimate expectation of privacy." cnet.com/news/google-filing-sa Proton = privacy.

This part of "Orbiting the giant hairball" particularly resonates with me, I feel like a lot of teasing that is going on in companies is actually more close to bullying people especially those who new things to break the status quo. We disguise our shaming as teasing.

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Daily conversations on Twitter: "hey! I learned something. Check this out!"

✔️ "That's so cool! Congrats! Keep going!"
👉 Everybody feels good and we learn together.

❌ "Duh, that's old news. I knew this for ages."
👉 Only one person feels good and people stop sharing.

8 unexpected benefits of conducting user tests with colleagues: from pretesting your protocols to increasing transparency in design process and helping people understand a few parts of the design process, interesting article uxdesign.cc/8-unexpected-benef

#privacy The Court of Justice of the European Union (#CJEU) has ruled that websites hosting #Facebook Like buttons can be held liable for transferring data to Facebook. While the third-party website cannot be held responsible for the data processing carried out by Facebook after the data has been transmitted, it absolutely can be held liable for facilitating the collection and transmission of the data.

Just watched #TheGreatHack on #Netflix. What I appreciated about this #documentary on #Facebook and the whole #CambridgeAnalytica scandal, is that it's one of the few #privacy #documentaries to get that protecting personal data isn't just about not seeing personalized ads for stuff you're more likely to want. It's about protecting ourselves from mass psychological manipulation and behavior modification techniques. These are techniques that actually work *best* when people believe they don't.

Give a person software, and infuriate them for a day.
Teach a person to create their own software, and infuriate them for the rest of their life.

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