Curious how private search engines make money? - I've updated the post to cover who mix affiliate results with organic results

We have no location history or hidden tracking of your whereabouts during the day...

But you can find us here at Findx Map service

Really? Someone just send me this - First-party tracking solution, OK then - let's beat them - try our New Findx Privacy Control with First-party cookie control

πŸŽ‰ Move it! - and is now running my own selfhosted mastodon instance - @brian 🀘

I'm having an issue with image upload on a mastodon server - Any specific ports that needs to be opened for image uploading on a mastodon server?

Uh oh - Did the internet get smaller, but better due to GDPR?

What you prefer - to see results that you cannot acces due to the site not complying with GDPR, or not to see the result at all?

Axel Voss: "This was kind of a mistake".... it's about the sports event text though - soundbite in the bottom of the articel in English

- did this amendment go through? πŸ€”
Amendment 34
Proposal for a directive
Recital 32

"...Private uses should be excluded from this reference. In addition, the listing in a search engine should not be considered as fair and proportionate remuneration."

I mean it can be a fine way of monetizing, and still be private search but one could wish for more transparency and a clear indication it is affiliate links mixed with organic results.

QUESTION: Can someone tell me how the 🀬 an american privacy search engine can get away with stuffing all their so-called organic e-bay results they buy from Yahoo/Bing with affiliate links and link via - That's not in compliance with Danish laws at least, not sure how it complies with GDPR either...

We are concerned about Articles 11 and 13 in the current Copyright Directive proposal. Please consider reading EDiMA's analysis:


Added this little fella of an icon since is now live

Plan is to cut a hole where The smiley eye is, and you can hide behind it - not that selfie friendly - but I’ll figure something out

"...Google’s search algorithm is a behemoth whose inner workings are a near-complete mystery outside the company"

πŸ€“πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» What's the top three most important privacy settings you would change on your childs computer? πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦

Studying the program of Copenhagen

What og your mailbox looked like this - non-persuasive design

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