#DeleteGoogle - get on Hackernews now to ask question about how to develop open source #bangs and #instantanswers for a our search engine

Hey🤓 - if you want to ask question about Givero.com - the new ethical search engine - do it now on Hackernews - news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1

Wall Street firm Goldman Sachs has estimated (via Business Insider, registration req’d) that Google will pay a whopping $9 billion to remain the default search engine for Apple’s Safari browser. searchengineland.com/report-go

Ads (red line) versus Products (Yellow line) - what do you prefer? Both
Only Ads
Only Products
None - (I would pay to get rid of them?)

Hey Masto - Please let me know about your search experience! Privacy apart! What do you like/not like on:
Google Search - very broad - what's the most annoying element, and what is absolutely nesc. ?

What's the best pictogram for "Public Sector"

We are NCSAM Champions - read our post about how valuable your digital profile is - Your search history, your browsing habits, how long you spend on each website, what you look at before you buy and the websites that you have an account with – your digital profile builds an incredibly detailed picture of you. #Cyberaware


Win a free ticket for the Data Ethics Forum 2018 - If you're around Copenhagen this Friday, you should take look and sign up for Findx Privacy Checkup
- even that it's in Danish

Curious how private search engines make money? - I've updated the post to cover who mix affiliate results with organic results activateprivacy.com/how-privat

We have no location history or hidden tracking of your whereabouts during the day...

But you can find us here at Findx Map service findx.com/maps?q=Holb%C3%A6k

Really? Someone just send me this - First-party tracking solution, OK then - let's beat them - try our New Findx Privacy Control with First-party cookie control get.findx.com

🎉 Move it! - and is now running my own selfhosted mastodon instance - @brian 🤘

I'm having an issue with image upload on a mastodon server - Any specific ports that needs to be opened for image uploading on a mastodon server?

Uh oh - Did the internet get smaller, but better due to GDPR?

What you prefer - to see results that you cannot acces due to the site not complying with GDPR, or not to see the result at all?


Axel Voss: "This was kind of a mistake".... it's about the sports event text though breakit.se/artikel/15415/emanu - soundbite in the bottom of the articel in English

- did this amendment go through? 🤔
Amendment 34
Proposal for a directive
Recital 32

"...Private uses should be excluded from this reference. In addition, the listing in a search engine should not be considered as fair and proportionate remuneration."

I mean it can be a fine way of monetizing, and still be private search but one could wish for more transparency and a clear indication it is affiliate links mixed with organic results.

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