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OK, working on the Privacy section on 💙 - 🤓couldn't resist to make it comparable to - any comments so far?

Huh... in action... New court ruling from Europe "The administrator of a fan page on Facebook is jointly responsible with Facebook for the processing of data of visitors to the page" -

"Steve Kroft: So, they're rigging the game. - Margrethe Vestager: Yes. And it is illegal." - From the article How did Google get so big? | 60 Minutes - CBS News

Anyone who has seen mentions of uBlock (NOT UB origin) adding a tracking script?

Prototyping for cookie handling in Findx Privacy Control - the video is on twitter - (sorry)

Yeah - Safari edition of Findx Privacy Control is ready

Q:"How would you say Findx handles the risk that a digital profile can be misleading, and not reflect the person you really are "

ME:"Since we don't have personal profiles on people - there is no risk that our algorithms will come up with a misleading are the person you really are, we are not gonna change that " 😇

Let’s get started - Today I’ll start the UI for Findx ‘Ranking Control’ or ‘Ranking factors’or ‘decentralized ranking’ or...... what are the name of a feature where you can build your own search engine by deciding what ranking parameters are most important?

And the official PR is here - btw for those of tapping away on a mac, (bet you all run Linux and it's only a graphics guy like me that doesn't) the privacy controller is coming for Safari real soon... 💙

I really want my own mastodon... keep thinking of it....

Ahh... long week, hard to keep momentum, but we managed to ship the update for Privacy Control to FIrefox - now with button.

Dear all - Since the latest revelations about Facebook data collection of people who don’t even have a Facebook account in the Cambridge Analyticas use of personal FB data - we decide to do something more than creating our Private Search Engine - so here it is - Our new Findx Privacy Controller for Chrome and Firefox. You are among the first to hear about it, not even the campaign website is ready…

Didn't realize this before now... 🤘 You can watch Zuckerberg testifying 🤓 Live via Findx -