Even following only like 8 (active) tooters, noise is kind of annoying. Last 24 hours:
Tooter One: 24 toots (automatic, botched bird site cross posts); Tooter Two: 15 angsty toots; All others: 7 toots.

3 of those tooters could identify me from a photo, 3-4 might say "I think I've met that person." If more people I know use Mastodon, I'm just not able to find them.

I'm sure it doesn't help logging in from various countries. This time it happened almost exactly 24hrs after arriving in Iceland. But still, come on.

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For the 6th time bird site has locked my account, "may have been compromised by a website or service not associated with Twitter."

Listen pal, I only connect via official mobile client, have pruned 3rd party app access grants, and use a strong & unique pw generated by pw manager.

What happens when you ⭐ something here? Does it randomly shove it in people's feeds like on certain other social networks?

The public TL is 99% Japanese, with about as much French and Spanish as English. Spotted rtl Arabic as well.

Mastodon stopped showing toots from people I follow 5 days ago.. Going to people's web page profiles, it looks like 17 of the 19 tooters I follow haven't tooted since then anyway. 😕

My Cambodia e-visa might not be accepted at the border crossing I'd prefer to take. So, take a risky/expensive border crossing and transit Vietnam on the way home, or just stay in Vietnam.

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Realized this morning that if I pop into Cambodia, I might have trouble getting back into Vietnam for my return flight. I have an e-visa for both, but they're only single-entry.

I've gone 2-3 years without talking to myself via the Internet. Don't really miss it and now it feels so strange.

How do you get to sihanouk from phu quoc? Ferry to ta hien then like 3 gypsy busses?

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