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Watched "dating amber " last night on one of the myriads of channels we have.
A poingnant and a little sad, boy meets girl story.
A friendship of convenience as they both are gay.
Worth a watch.

Watched the film,
The song of names last night,
on netflix.
Really enjoyed it.

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« Today’s tech industry really is a triumph of the postmodern work ethic. No one cares about your product; we care about your adoption. No one cares about what your technology does; we care about what problems it solves for users, and how fast you can grow. The first commandment of tech is Build Stuff People Want. »

Today is international mens day.

Hope it made a difference to you blokes.

I wanted to celibrate but life got in the way.

Cleared out and burnt some old documents, Stuff I dont want blowing about a landfill.

Cleaned out my shed and then went and bought some barsley chops.

Ordered and stacked 5bags of logs.
Gave the guy £20.

Really enjoyed this years mens day.....

Here's to next year.

Just watched the Imitation Game.

I have no words.😢

Today is Rememberance Day here.
11th hour, 11th Day on the 11th Month.
I shall remember them.
A few moments out of your year.
Not too much to ask is it ?

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This is me screaming across the fediverse. I'm looking for people that used the original Seesmic before the service was shut down in 2009. I feel like if I were to reconnect with anyone from there, they'd be on the fediverse in 2020.

For context, Seesmic was a cross between YouTube and Twitter. Micro-video blogging with threaded conversations, no commenting, only videos.

I feel with a custom PeerTube instance we can maybe recreate what once was, what do you think?

Remembrance Sunday here today.
Most years I have watched thousands of old soldiers marching passed the Cenotaph in London and handing in poppy wreaths on behalf of British and Commonwealth regiments.
It is normal for me to have something in my eye while this takes place.
Some of these ex soldiers and sailors are over Eighty and have been standing waiting to set off for up to an hour.
This ceremony is for all wars, not just WW1 and WW2, but all wars since.
I will always be grateful to them all.

In trouble again !
We have plans for Monday and I have made other arrangements.
(Booked a haircut if you really care.)

Seems my wife told me last week when I was upstairs and a train was going by.

Fancy me not listening !
Playing Requiem KV.626 ,

What is it with pizza ?
There are celebrity chefs on my tv making pizza.
Ye gods, how desparate can you get.

To me pizza is a late night quick fix when you have a skinfull of beer and you need a few calories.

IMHO it is an Italian sandwich without a top.
Every bloody pub where I live does pizza.
AND we have a pizza takeaway.

No one has any inspiration for tapas, noodles etc.

I am beginning to dream of bleeding pizza,
I thought I saw one following me home the other night.

Today is Yorkshire day.
For those who dont know, Yorkshire is a county in the North of England.
As English counties go, it is big.
Natives class it as Gods Country as it so beautiful.

That of course depends on your perception of beauty !

Anyway, Happy Yorkshire Day to you all, even the people who come from Lancashire.
Never mind.


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