Next up on the Digital Scholarship Lab Winter Workshop
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Here's what we're up to this semester. HINT: Workshops aplenty.

It's not too late to sign up for the Introduction to the Command Line Workshop! Beginners ARE welcome! Come and learn how to use CLI to work more efficiently on your computer! Monday 1-2:30.
Email for more info.

Episode 4 of the Digital Scholarship Lab podcast is now available. Learn more about how we "werk it"!

How do you keep track of references and sources you are using for papers you are writing? Do you use a Word document, an Excel spreadsheet, scraps of paper? We're curious! If you are interested in learning more about citation management contact

Wondering what the Brock Digital Scholarship Lab has to offer you this semester? Check out all of the amazing workshops being offered!
Also, find out more about digital scholarship at

Extra! Extra! New Digital Scholarship Lab Blog Series Starts NOW!

Join the Brock DSL for a hands-on Software Carpentry workshop! February 21-22, 9am-5pm. You will learn basic research computing skills including program design, version control, data management, and task automation, all of which can help get research done more quickly. Learn more at:

A new semester means writing new research papers! Join us for a workshop on the citation management tool Zotero to learn how to make this process easier. January 16, 10-11:30.

Episode 3 NOW AVAILABLE! Just in time for the holidays. Topics include: Fav Books, Marketing and Social Media, and the "Viz Biz".

Command Line for the holidays! Join our workshop TOMORROW. Classroom A, James A. Gibson Library, Brock U. 10-11:30 a.m. ALL are WELCOME!

If you find using different citation styles difficult or if you just want to find a more efficient and organized way to manage citations for your research papers, this workshop is ideal. Zotero is a citation tracking platform. It allows you to quickly and easily create in-text citations and bibliographies. This FREE workshop will guide you through the installation of this tool and the most effective ways to use it. For more information email or register at

Brock DSL is offering the workshop: Introduction to the Command Line. You should come! December 20th 10:00a.m.-11:30a.m. in Classroom A (ST228) James A. Gibson Library. Sign up at
or email

Are you as excited for the Digital Scholarship Lab to open as we are? Here are some great new books available in the library to prepare you for your next digital scholarship project. Want more information on resources?

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