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twitter sucks: followup 

Well, I'm working on it. I've started by making lists, which I'd forgotten were a thing. They're not really advertised and the steps to creating one and adding people to it are not very intuitive, which is a good sign. If the feature were doing Twitter much good they'd make it easier to use and push it in your face a lot more.

Yesterday I made a list called "buds". Just people I'm personally friendly with. No friends of friends, nobody I think is cool but whose content mostly scrolls by because I'm too shy to engage. Just folks I enjoy hearing from and who I'm pretty sure enjoy hearing from me.

Out of 135 I'm following, this is about 30. Very, very manageable. Easy to catch up on and feel like I can be done if I wanna be – the rest is just Content.

Then today I made a list called "gentle". This is your animal pic bots, your dasharez0nes, your Supper Mario Broths, your homestar_ebooks. A few of the aforementioned cool folks I never reply to, provided they post stuff that makes me feel nice and doesn't make me chew my own lips off.

Next is "creators". There might be some overlap with "gentle" or there might not. Art, comics, game makers and so on.

So I guess I'll see what happens. I think it'll help if I'm making decisions about *why* I'm going to twitter dot com. Like, what I'm actually in the mood for at the moment, rather than allowing the mood to be one long low-grade anxiety attack of –

oh a friend's work selfie I wonder how they've been – trump did something horrible again oh no – hey an 11-second cute kitten video – oops some state legislator is a nazi – cool art – more nazis – there's that friend again hi.

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"J'pense qu'en étant ace et hetero c'est difficile de voir tout ce que la communauté lgbt peut subir." Ahlala y'a des perles sur Twitter quand même....

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Toujours grandement bessoin de ne pas dormir à la rue se soir...

Need help #Bordeaux

Oui bon par contre il faut que je pense à être active ici haha

Je crois que je commence à comprendre, je suis fière

*essaye de comprendre comment tout ça fonctionne* 😂😂


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