I’m reading a Murakami story collection in an art gallery. Someone stops, mentions they read it, too. They move on, then come back. “I didn’t get the one with the ghost.” I try to relate, but confuse it with a different story. “Maybe you haven’t read that one yet.” Maybe I haven’t. It’s hard to hear through the masks. I say I have been letting the stories wash over me, feeling dumb. They are eager to leave. It all feels like a Murakami story.

You ever sniff your hands? Then wash them? Then sniff them again? And they have a new bad smell? And you go on a rampage trying to find out what went wrong? Neither have I.: chrisdeluca.me/note/1592777389

A lot has changed in the world since I last posted.
I have been extremely lucky during this pandemic. I am still employed, I can work from home, and I have my wife to shelter with. I do not take these things for granted.
And yet.: chrisdeluca.me/article/introdu

I just saw Raging Bull for the first time. Tough watch. I've seen only a handful of Scorsese, and they're always effecting, but 🔥 take alert, I'm not sure I like them.: chrisdeluca.me/note/1578849688

Allow Satan into your life: chmod 666 my_soul.txt. The permissions of the beast.: chrisdeluca.me/note/1578524920

I won't lie: this is the darkest, horniest piece of A.I. assisted fiction I've ever seen. And I've seen very little. It does have a happy ending, however.: chrisdeluca.me/article/starry-

<p><em>I've been writing(ish?) stories via <a href="aidungeon.io,">aidungeon.io,</a>
a ML algorithm trained on text adventure games. <a href="/article/chris-the-wizard">The first
was a fantasy</a>, and this …: chrisdeluca.me/article/detect-

I was in a public restroom last Sunday. A man comes in, uses the urinal, washes his hands, says, “Aw shit,” then goes into a stall. It made me very happy.: chrisdeluca.me/note/1576550380

I want a museum called Famous Historical Capes: Taking Back Back Cloth From Superheroes. Their only exhibit is every cape Liberace ever wore.: chrisdeluca.me/note/1574395153

I just saw _The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie_ on Amazon Prime. I'd like to like it more. 🍿: chrisdeluca.me/note/1574308753

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