Just landed my first dev tools patch! t.co/diIqRbVyWx

Many thanks to Nicholas Chevobbe for helping me through the process.

Overheard in nyc: "I'm such a freak, I heard it on NPR."

Is a macro essentially a function? I am writing a Lisp dialect, with first-class macros, and in my case the answer seems to be, yes.

Behind the scenes, the types are exactly the same, they are just called at different times. (Both take Lisp expressions as arguments; the fact that these are unevaluated, in the case of macros, does not make a difference for the implementation of the actual type.)

This does mean that (function? my-macro) returns true. Not sure if that's desirable.


@sarahjeong read your motherboard post on mastodon a day after I joined.

Great read!

I actually remember/contributed to Diaspora, so I'm pretty skeptical about new open social networks, but your post inspired me to give it another chance. Hopefully, the moment is right.

The best thing about screaming into a void is that you can say anything you want: "goldfish".


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