Just finished for the first time. What a !

Now the 1 cell difficulty ! 🏋️‍♀️

Parfait ! Maintenant que j'ai terminé les trois je vais enfin pouvoir être productif et avancer dans mes projets perso'.
Oh ! !

"To help the newcomers make connections, list 10 things that interest you as # tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same."

Just finished 3. What a wonderful !

Great , great , great design, great ! This should be in the top of charts and critics. A truly amazing experienced !

#TheBannerSaga #spoiler 

Playing a second time on .

First time, I killed Annette by being confident in Rook's daughter and I was devastated. Second time, I do it on purpose because I want to keep Rook for the end of the ... Ad I feel some guilt...

Hey !

Do you know a alternative to website like 500px ? A place where I can share my photowork ?

But not , I am looking to it too but not the same use for me. ;)

Hey community !

I need your again. For the writing of a about and , I am looking about all existing data about the actual impact of our beloved consoles and games. From carbon emissions to the amount of rare metals presences. Anything will help me as I struggle to find some intel in french and english.

Also, if you know associations or company who show interest in this particuliar field, I am interested to !

❤️ 🎮 ❤️

Hey community ! I need help !

Do you know an project who can be an alternative to Adobe on android ?

Or is there a way ton install a distribution on a samsung tablet who allow desktop mode and use ?

Silly question, are still a thing ?

Question bête, est-ce que les pirate box existent toujours ?

Je suis à la recherche d'une alternative à et . Mes recherches m'orientent vers .

Est-ce une bonne alternative ? Comme je ne suis pas très calé sur ce qui peut exister, est-ce qu'il y a mieux ?

I am looking alternative to and . Searching for something and who care about .

I heard about , does that correspond ? Anything else ? Does I misleading myself looking for another mail provider ?

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