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I'm on Pacific time. We have at least one member on East coast. I'll check to see how late he is available.

Holy shit does Blue Oyster Cult fucking kick ass! Seriously, if you only know them from "more cowbell", do yourself a favor and give them a listen.

Very cool! AR glasses enabled with Amazon's digital assistant Alexa. I'll never buy them, but I bet I can eventually put one together using something like Mycroft. If so, this gets me one step closer to being Manfred Macx from "Accelerando"!

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an infosec-themed bar where the cocktail menu is formatted like output from an nmap scan, boost if you agree

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There's nothing quite like fifteen years of IM logs to remind you that continuity of self is an illusion.

I think part of my daily routine needs to be looking a pictures of diatoms. So cool!

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2001: Ha ha Linux could even run on a toaster! j/k
2011: Wow this toaster actually runs Linux. Itโ€™s not a joke anymore.
2021: Please pay the ransomware to receive your toast.

A mastodon instance made for cats, where every toot is a picture of a human doing something silly/adorable.

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Words for the day:

Complex: inherently tricky. Heart surgery and rocket launches are complex; you have to get a lot of things right or none of it works. Antonym: simple.

Complicated: made needlessly baroque. A Rube Goldberg machine is a complicated solution to a simple problem. Antonym: elegant.

The hardest part of senior engineering is finding the elegant solution to complex problems. Anyone can find a complicated solution.

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Oh heck I just found out about and my mind is blown by the idea of a Scottish Gaelic/Gaidhlig-friendly Mastodon instance and how powerful Mastodon could be as a language learning tool, particularly for smaller languages without good learning resources.

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Fellow Portland OR folks, please note that there's a rally happening on 1/14 to push for municipal broadband in PDX. A municipal solution can help us protect net neutrality and put users first.

If this is an approach you support, the event details are over on FB (no account required to view):

I'll be there :)

Somebody needs to bring back Ecco the Dolphin. I miss those games.

First day back at work, and I am moving slooooooooooooowly.

My goal for this year is to finish all the experiments I need to to finish my PhD, then get the fuck out of here.

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Hellow ! ๐Ÿ‘‹

This Sunday, we'll organize a "cyber-workshop" โœจ to help potential new contributors discover how to join the project !

N.B. : You donโ€™t need any supernatural abilities to contribute ! The project involve many different type of skills, "technical" and "non-technical".

We'll be hanging on a Mumble server, stream our terminals/browsers if needed, discuss topics of your choice, answer your questions and help you get started !

Some more infos in here :

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Re that last boost: Mastodon is hard to get into without a guide and some focused usage.

The things that make it less toxic also make it harder to discover people to follow.

Without people, you just kind of feel like you're tooting into the void. It makes Mastodon a lonely place that you're less likely to return to. I mean, this is why Twitter and Facebook put so much energy into recommendations.

I don't think Mastodon should try to solve this problem. But let's acknowledge the hurdles.

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A report exploring important ways structurally decentralized systems could help address the risks of mega-platform consolidation:

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You don't have to watch the news today.

Just realized that to accomplish a project I have in mind, I'm probably going to have to learn vim. Reading the documentation on that is making me a little apprehensive.

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Please watch this. Think hard on the problem of connected devices and how that affects everyone and . And please stop with the excuses like "there's no problem", "security for what? it's a toy, nothing bad can happen" or the classic "nothing to hide". You are only limited by your imagination if you can't see the obvious problems.

Internet of Fails: