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Amazon confirms that Echo device secretly shared user’s private audio

The device recorded and sent a private conversation to a contact of the owner. When questioned Amazon support confirmed:

'Our engineers went through all of your logs. They saw exactly what you told us, exactly what you said happened, and we're sorry.'

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I have set up a small Mastodon instance for radio amateurs, radio clubs/organisations, DXers, SWLs and anyone else interested in any aspect of radio communications, technology or even radio listening.

The address is - feel free to join in or let me know if you have any questions!

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📣 PSA 📣

Looks like there is an influx of spam accounts being created on the federverse right now.

If you find any on our instances, please flag them and smush the report button.

I'm keeping an eye on things but may miss a few here and there.

If you know users looking for an account but have been squashed due to the influx of account creations, please let me know and I can send them a registration link.

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Hello #amateurradio community! We are an amateur radio club from Germany. Our clubstation is DK0YA. Toots will be mostly in German.

Please boost, so that we can connect to other amateurs!

Took me long enough, but I got Mycroft up and running on Raspberry Pi.

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Here's the list of who voted against the maintenance of NN rules yesterday... and when they are up for re-election.

2 of them are my senators.

I'm going to be doing my part... I suggest you look at the list and do yours.


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I'll be damned. The Senate just passed the resolution to prevent the repeal of net neutrality. Goes to the House now.

Benton County, where I live, is the least religious county per capita in the US. Now I know why I feel so comfortable here.

Building my first VR game using Unity has made me realize how important it is to celebrate the little victories. Because otherwise I'd be pulling my fucking hair out right now.

Rick and Morty got renewed, with Cartoon Network ordering 70 new episodes!

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Why non-techies don't use FLOSS alternatives Show more

Not sure if I've drunk too much coffee today or not enough.

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Excellent news: Canadian police have dropped computer hacking charges against a 19-year-old who downloaded openly available information from a public records website.

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@drwho I had to shut Huginn down for a little while today. Honestly felt kind of weird to be without it. Made me a little apprehensive. Not sure that's a good thing.

So I get my new Raspberry Pi and I'm all ready to set up Mycroft and have some fun. And what do I discover...

That the newest Raspberry Pi can't run the current version of Pycroft. That'll teach me to look forward to things. :(

If there is anything better than pesto pizza, I have not found it yet.