Accidentally looked at Twitter for a sec (stupid URL bar muscle memory) and was greeted with one recent tweet followed by screens and screens of IN CASE YOU MISSED IT and YOUR FRIENDS FAVED THIS and YOU SHOULD FOLLOW THESE PEOPLE and SPONSORED and man I don't miss that UI.

I'm starting to feel that way towards YouTube ads.

@brownpau It feels like they've been ramping up the "your friends liked this tweet" injections into my timeline. I used to have to go "I don't like this" to 10 of these before it would stop, last week I had to do it about 40 times.

Between TweetDeck (only a matter of time) and 3rd party apps, I'm still hanging in. I wonder if people stopped using the dotcom that they'd be happier? I don't see any of those UI annoyances... or ads.

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