Catching up on what happened with the Soyuz launch failure. The rocket failed and the crew vehicle had to separate and do a ballistic descent to emergency landing in Kazakhstan.

Capture of the moment of anomaly from launch stream, via goon spaceflight thread: -- that white puff of vapor sure looks like a LOX tank rupturing.

2 crew members riding are safe; NASA astronaut on board was Nick Hague, rookie from the astro class of 2013. This was going to be his first spaceflight, poor guy.

Meanwhile there's only one Soyuz currently docked to station, it's only good till December, and Soyuz launches will be grounded till well after that, so they're probably going to have to bring down the current crew and leave the station abandoned for the first time in 17 years.

BTW the current Soyuz has a hole in it.

@brownpau Oof that guy's going to have some PTSD about that.

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