welp both Canadian and US weather services are forecasting a very hurricane-y weekend

got hard-hurricane'd by Dorian and we lost power and internet and even mobile data is gone, but I found that fibre internet still works for a few minutes if I plug the router into a power bank with an AC outlet. Anyway here's what it looked like outside last night.

Turns out 10 hours of sunlight with one of those folding solar panels for camping will trickle about 8000 mAh into a power bank.

Found a historical storm track for Dorian on Wunderground and yup it went right over us (we live just east of Halifax proper)


Finally got down to assembling my Hurricane Dorian GoPro timelapse; jump to 1:15 to see the eye pass over and the clouds suddenly reverse motion: youtu.be/CVCR9SBTUBc?t=75

@WandelStock Feel like I should have gone to a smaller interval between frames though; for most of the hurricane the clouds were moving too fast!


the effect that the storm turns is more impressive this way

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