So you know how the Joe Biden island has fenced-off areas you can't really visit, meant to be viewed from a distance? If you enter the dream wearing a wetsuit, you can jump off the airport pier and swim around the island to get to at least some parts of those areas. Here's me behind the "White House" (museum adorned with custom panels)

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Um, also it turns out that from those restricted areas, you can't get back to the plaza to wake up from your dream. You have to call for emergency evac -- which works in dreams, but they can only bring you to that island's plaza.

@brownpau is that a pipe organ turned around backwards to form columns?

@Ranjit Ahaha so that's what it is! I was wondering what the heck kind of panel that was

@brownpau yeah! And i just noticed the use of bunkbeds behind the panels, to provide the railing!

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