JPL's Rover will land on on Thu 18 Feb 2021 at 11:15 AM PST (7:15 PM UTC). Animation of the "7 Minutes of Terror" landing process:

JPL live landing clean feed if you don't want commentary and just want calm soothing audio from Mission Control:

Live 3D simulation of approach in the EYES visualization app: (if it autoscrolls to some other phase of EDL, hit "LIVE" for current view)

At the moment of landing in one hour, if they're following the same processes and script as with Curiosity in 2012, you'll want to hear four status reports in quick succession: "Tango Delta nominal", "RIMU stable", "UHF strong", and "Touchdown confirmed."

If you don't want video and just want just live text updates on the landing the SpaceflightNow feed is always good:

(ugh i just realized at the start of this thread i mixed up the landing time and time of livestream start, landing is actually at 12:55 PM PST / 8:55 PM UTC)


and are currently 11 light minutes away from Earth so really as of this moment it's already over there; the signals are just still en route.

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Yup, same landing script! TD nominal, RIMU stable, UHF strong, touchdown confirmed. is on . First images inbound from the rover's front hazcam.

After today new images from the rover's various cameras will post to the Raw Images section:

since she sees her own shadow, what does that mean for our winter?

(redraft: pronouns)

@FiXato Avg -63C with low pressure and atmospheric CO2 with a touch of perchlorates oh wait that's on Mars

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