Annular solar eclipse on Thursday 10 June 2021: —path of annularity will be pretty northerly but lots of locations will have a nice partial eclipse. People along the north coast of Lake Superior are in for a nice "ring of fire" sunrise.

Meanwhile here in Halifax we'll have a max of about 70% coverage a bit after sunrise to the north-northeast. That's not a good view for me at home (leafy); thinking of hauling the camera somewhere with a good view.

Turned out the backyard was just fine for some partial-eclipse-viewing. Time to watch a circle not be a circle for 2 hours.

It is finished. Do not displease me again or I may block the sun once more.

Cool crescent shadows on the wall cast by the trees at around max time.


Took all my exposures of the , aligned them to the sun, and GIF-animated them:

If you prefer your solar sequences in a line rather than a GIF, I have made this:

@brownpau the moon is like that dude going for a washroom break in the middle of the movie in the celestial cinema

'scuse me...pardon me..'scuse me...sorrysorrysorry...

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