Last day at work today, I’m gonna miss this lil old library.

Insight Lander has extended its robot arm and used the camera on the end of it to take a self-portrait:

Good views of the Russian EVA on station from NASA TV right now.

Saw some really exemplary skies from the plane over Newark.

Martha likes it when the Tickle Me Elmo is off

Decent subtle crepuscular-ish ray effect in the cloudy sky this morning.

Capitol Bush Viewing Line as of 2PM: (I did not line up as I had to pick up a burrito and get back to work. Burrito > Bush)

Found an old sonic screwdriver in the basement. Here’s Martha Jones giving it a sniff.

Washington Monument disappearing into fog this morning.

Using a mattress bag, some tape, and a vacuum cleaner to recompress our Casper mattress to sell. It's working better than I expected.

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This real estate listing is a bit buggy. "Water source: carpet"

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