hmmmmm yes, youtube commenter casually referring to tiktok users as "degens"

(clicked through and, yup, gamer)

One giant leap for civilian spaceflight and citizen science. What a triumph.

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But also one nice thing about the Inspiration4 mission: since it won't be going to the ISS (in fact it'll be in an orbit over 100km higher) they've replaced the docking port with a big glass dome window for panoramic orbital views.

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alcohol, 9/11 

Rudy Giuliani at the 9/11 dinner last night apparently

Reading some stuff about Filipino revolutionaries in the chaotic 1900s interval between the Spanish and American colonial periods, and noticed this photo of Macario Sakay's cabinet for his short-lived Tagalog Republic.

Sakay is seated third from left, but what really jumped out at me was the leftmost seated man: Julian Montalan, Sakay's military operations supervisor, who looks exactly like me in my mid-20s. Wondering now if he was a relative.

After wiping off breakfast debris, seasoning the cast iron with an extra layer of canola oil at 350° for an hour, with an extra 15 minutes on high broil for an extra crispy skin

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10” preseasoned cast iron frypans were on sale at Canadian Tire for $20 so I guess I’m a cast iron pan man now


oh nothing just canadian conservatives emblazoning their campaign aircraft with an unsubtle nazi dog whistle

trailer park boys 

what're ya lookin at my gut fer

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