Fun thing about eating Chinese in : bilingual fortune cookies with French fortunes on the flip side.

I’ve finally hit level 37. From here the 37-40 slog requires the same amount of XP as from 1-37. Really wondering if I should treat this as my “win” state and switch over to the Niantic Harry Potter game, where you play a wizard hunting for stray magical artifacts, where you gotta catch ‘em all.

Had a beach day but it was cut short by my cursed migraine

More local interest stuff from the library. (Sable Island is technically local despite being 300km off the shore, since it’s under the jurisdiction of the Regional Municipality; think of it as the farthest-flung suburb)

uspol, nyt, 🍊 

animal abandonment/cruelty text 

Just found an electric organ console tab just lying broken on the road. It uncannily describes what I think of the person reading this.

Is it too much to hope that this Lullaby is just a mellow setting of Barrett's Privateers?

Here I thought getting a pre-2016 MacBook Pro would save me from keyboard woe.


Amelia raptly watching a crow mess about with the gutter. There’s a bit of a Vermeer-ish aspect to the light.

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