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Bible: Angels look like a giant wheel of flame.
Renaissance painter: This one looks like my sexy boyfriend.
Bible: No! They have a hundred eyes!
Painter: Cute babies?

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Literally Hitler 

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romcom titles invented by a neural network (one epoch with textgenrnn on titles from wikiplots, temp=0.5, selected)

Tweet Love Sing
Finally Bride Parsing
Summing And Marriers
Twin Harry Strange
The Trade Marriers
A Love Birlo
Travel Sale Nights
Chilly Waiting to Marrie
The American Paris
Married and Common
The Night I Sweet Haul
True and Monday
The Girls in Star Warr
A Night A Paris
The Bride in Liternotor
Traveling Of Hay
Love and Marries

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This is the most ominous display case I have ever seen

I'm thinking of leaving DC. It's times like this I'll miss if I do, just walking down a hall to see a 1507 map, or a couple Vermeers down the National Mall, or a space shuttle out near Dulles.

There's also a later Waldseemüller world map from 1516, the Carta Marina, where he removes the other ocean and the name "America", and suggests this new land is part of East Asia after all -- even though Balboa had seen the Pacific by then.

There are 5 known Waldseemüller maps in the world, and this was one of them. Thanks for joining me on this voyage of discovery! Also Columbus was a genocidal slaver, to a level that was bad even for his day, and you'll note his name isn't even on the map. Here's the LoC page on the Waldseemüller map if you want to pan and zoom around it:

Detail of the "America" text. The ocean and coasts to the West were purely conjectural; Balboa had yet to see the Pacific.

That's right, it's the 1507 Waldseemüller Map! This was the first world map to give the name "America" to the newly discovered land across the ocean. It's also very difficult to photograph with an old iPhone in the darkened exhibit hall.

We're here to see a very specific artifact in the Early Americas exhibit. Can you guess what it might be?

Where does this maze of twisty passages go? It is a tunnel mystery!

Standing up from my desk for a bit to go downstairs and walk through some tunnels.

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Climate, good news, self-promotion 

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you, a fool: just migrated off your 19th instance this month because a leaked Slack message outed your admin as a Bosnian war criminal

me, enlightened: never left my first instance because I’m incredibly lazy

The 1980s music is really, really bad but I do notice that the cut-to-cut montages are synced perfectly to the percussion breaks, which means some 1980s Canadian tape-to-tape video editor worked really hard on this.

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