Mastodon Admins are now required to smoke weed at least once per inter-instance drama, as per the new Federation Peace Convention aimed at restoring peace and justice in the galaxy. Thank you.

-- your beloved de facto empress

fun things to do: name a variable "x" and then just use variables with invisible unicode characters in them after the "x" so nobody can figure out how you're retrieving your values

The new meme is being nice to random people on the timeline spread the word

Hypothesis: wine infused with sour patch kids might not be awful

Method: Researchers placed 6 sour patch kids in the bottom of a plastic cup, then added about 50ml boxed white wine. Wine was consumed by experimental subjects, who rated the flavor.

Results: Sour, but not awful.

g'night mastodon. g'night postActiv. g'night GNU/Social. g'night StatusNet (even if you can't really see this, i can see you, and i'm wishing you good night old man)

i leave you with this:

if you want to make fun of someone's bad apology, just @ sorrybot into the thread.

integrated background desktop notifications. is this even a thing i should be trying? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (too late!)

*finds a warm spot, and curls up on it; is later annoyed that it tries to move and quote function as an autonomous biological entity end quote*

Loving this new Dire Straits themed restaurant, the Wontons of Swing were delicious. Not so sure about the Brothers in Parms for a couple of reasons.

Has it been?
Let me count the days real quick
*counts all the fingers on one hand, then a couple on the other*
it has

Years ago, a friend and I nominated ourselves members of the "radical middle." At the time it was an original idea, though I've seen it articulated since. It was meant to connote what I think of as the Mercutio Position, invoking a pox on both of whatever houses were in contention. Most important, it was explicitly and essentially anti-ideological.

Imagine my surprise in discovering that it's something one has to fight for... in effect an ideology of its own.

"The giant vaulted Klein bottles covered with mosaics of other, different, Klein bottles ... 

the rows of gargoyles on the roof, each holding a sign reading ``See Previous Gargoyle'' ... the little food stands around the base, where they sell you food stand vouchers, redeemable for food stand vouchers at all food stands except this one ... Truly one of the architectural wonders of our age. I've been there alright. And I bought postcards."

I cannot Tweet, Toot, and Work, so clearly work must go.

Just as a reminder, Oreos suck.

A layer of vanilla-flavoured lard between two stale, shitty biscuits.

The only reason people like Oreos is nostalgia for when you were a kid and any old crap was a treat.

Hell, even the people who make Oreos keep trying to make them taste like other things, because they know the truth!

So, for all you new users, there's this OStatus thing called "groups", which is indicated with a bang ( ! ), where you can follow, say, a topic (music, security, crypto, games and whatnot), or a specific thing (emacs, coffee etc.), or even a greeting (the tzag group for Time Zone Appropriate Greetings), regardless of who posts about it.

It's a pretty powerful tool, all things considered, and !fediverse and !fedgroups may be of interest for exploring what's out there.

Also, for all you infosec peeps there's of course the !security group, there's also one for !musicians, for !ccmusic, for your current !listening habits, etc.

A limitation is that groups live on a specific instance, though I think there might be proposals to mitigate that...  
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