I am originating a new usage of the ✅. I hope it catches on, because in a sense it's mostly used this way now.

As portability is currently quite limited, the checkmark now indicates that I am actively using that instance, and that my other nonchecked instance identities are hibernating.

It's not fancy, but for now, if it becomes the norm, its absence can then serve as a signal that you've moved. Link to where in your bio, and then followers know where to go look for you. Would be neat to just scan down my Follows list and see who I'm missing by the lack of checkmarks.

In the future I hope we can make lists follow users around (This will take a lot of work to architect right within the federation model, but the federation model is worth the work.)

Additionally, I have chosen to use the Mute symbol to represent inactive instances. (see @five ) Feedback? Does this feel intuitive?

@five maybe it's my [browser/font/cognitive bias/eyesight] but i'm not automatically seeing that as a mute-symbol yet. it's at least partially the glyph, doesn't really match the style of other common emojis, but that could be a font issue.

but it's reasonable and i'll adapt if it becomes common.

@brrzap what's it show as and what's your platform? for me I see a speaker with a red crossed circle overlaid.


@five that description's accurate, but the glyph's kinda thin and vague. my tv has the same basic icon and that works because it's huge and recognizably a speaker. in this font/size/something it's a vaguely left-pointing triangle.

left is webview, right is webapp.

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@five this is firefox on linux. i probably just need to find better fonts, tbh.

@brrzap Guess it depends on your eyes and screen size. Screenshot looks right to me

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