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Emily is Away Too is coming out later this month, so here's my review of the original one: medium.com/mammon-machine-zeal

Oh, and if you like small weird text games, video games writing aimed more at a theory/craft aspect that you won't see on player-oriented games websites, and me being able to afford Magic cards, you should check out my Patreon: patreon.com/brunodias

New blog post: A Don't Mind My Apocalypse Head Postmortem; or: Designing a Parser Game Around Specific Interaction, Multiple Endings, and Protagonist Interiority


The sky was the colour of a television tuned to a dead channel: Covered in advertising.

So that Ian Bogost piece on the Atlantic got me digging up my box of old PC Prospect magazines from the 90s (Remember that? You probably don't; it only ran for two years). I distinctly recalled a piece that was very similar, which ran in a 1992 issue.

I managed to get in touch with the author through a mutual friend, and he gave me permission to post it online (for the first time too, I think). I just finished transcribing it and putting it up on Medium.

It's called "Videogames Are Better Without Mechanics." You've probably never heard of the author; he quit games writing (and, it seems, journalism entirely) sometime in 1993. Anyway here's the Medium link: medium.com/@NotBrunoAgain/vide

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Brief reminder to current followers - I have moved this account to @bruno

1. Content warnings, I maintain, are equivalent to lowering your voice; to letting people self-select into the audience for whatever you're saying.
2. Phrasing it as "put a content warning on politics" is appreciably a really bad way of saying the various different things people meant by that.
3. Lowering your voice is sometimes the polite thing to do; asking someone to lower their voice is often a repressive thing to do.

It's hard to tell, without perspective and historical precedent, whether something is dying or... hatching.

.social has become too loud so I'm moving to @bruno, where the good-ass posting is expected to continue

Hey #POC #QPOC #QWOC #WOC on Mastodon I wanna talk to you!

I'm Tiara, queer immigrant woman of colour currently based in Australia. A huge chunk of my Mastodon presence right now is about race on Mastodon (or complaining about coder bros) but beyond that I'm also interested in arts, writing, games, performance, travel, intersectionality, liminality, and signing up for anything interesting.

Come say hi :D

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