I think it's crucial for that the platform/protocol needs a way to smoothly change instances while keeping your followers, to let people migrate out into smaller/more specific instances without friction. That would do a lot to help keep the federation as a whole healthy.

@brunodias It has already been brought up, and is being discussed how one could implement it.
But it is not high priority today, since high priority right now is to balance the load :)

@brunodias Agreed. Otherwise it's pretty tough not to end up with one or more instances getting a majority of the traffic while the others lay around unused.

It would also help mitigate the issue of what happens when someone's instance gets decommissioned. Right now I'd be wary of claiming an ID based on a less popular instance where I don't know how reliable the hosting is in the future.

@joshg @brunodias @maloki This is one of the crucial thing indeed on any federated social network. has been struggling with this also for a while. Code to migrate accounts is in the work for D* though.

@xuv @maloki @brunodias @joshg

Yep, [crowdfunding](indiegogo.com/projects/account) was a success, now the development is going forward. It will probably be shipped in the next major version,

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