Ultimately Mastodon's killer feature is that it's a public good that someone built because they thought it needed to exist and not a startup someone built because they wanted to get rich quick selling other people's data.

^ This toot has nearly 200 boosts after about a day and people are still boosting it.

@brunodias I still wonder if the advantages it has now really can scale up. eg. moderating local instances is all well and good, but what happens when fascists make their own instance? is there a way to moderate entire instances in or out of the federation?

...this sounds like a SW:TNG plot geez

@joshg Instances can limit how they federate (for instance awoo.space only federates with mastodon.social). So if the fascists make their own instance, other instances can just blacklist them.

@brunodias the other good part is that they are getting enough money through donors on patreon to keep the site running and to have some extra living expenses, so nobody has to sacrifice a lot

@brunodias And hopefully, with people becoming more interested in privacy and social tech, that will be a massive selling point for many people. Certainly was for me. I use Twitter every day, an open source alternative is great.

@brunodias Plus, you know, at least here tooting is a way of life, unlike, you know, soccer games. And, ummm, dinner time.

@brunodias Let's admit it, Avatars haven't floated this well in forever.

It's like I'm walking through the matrix with my tongue in my cheek.

@brunodias I like the thought, but my understanding is that also applies to the founding of Google, Facebook, and Twitter. It was only later, when they wanted revenue and roi, that that business models started to shape things.

The question needs to be: what's a sustainable ecosystem for Mastodon look like?

@brunodias I don't think that was the killer feature, because before Mastodon there were other public systems which "someone built because they thought it needed to exist". Hubzilla is a good example of that. The main reason Mastodon took off and not Hubzilla is I think mainly down to the user interface design and the fact that it's similar to something which many people were already familiar with.
@bob @brunodias And the advertising. People always forget the ads that preceded the waves of new users.
@lnxw48a1 @brunodias Oh yes I vaguely remember that Mastodon had some Twitter ads. Maybe that was a bigger factor than anything else.

@brunodias I was thinking about this today. I was sitting in a public place seeing a woman frenetically using WhatsApp and I started thinking about how WhatsApp is sort of a fever here in Brazil. Something that is so pervasive and useful should not be in the hands of a corporation. Even worse that it's only one corporation. If it were just a protocol that numerous apps could access it would be far less worse, by the way.

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