CWs aren't "censorship" or putting your toots behind some kinda wall, they're basically equivalent to lowering your voice so only the intended people can hear you in this crowded bar, as you talk about stuff that's potentially upsetting, TMI, or whatever.

People don't want CWs on "politics" (which really means "the news") because they're oversensitive and afraid of seeing the news, they read they news, they just don't want it to be a 24-hour punditry vortex in here.

@brunodias I don't intend to talk about politics on here, but, I wonder if this is something that would better be served by hashtags and muting. Asking people to put #politics on things is much less of a restriction, and would help people find/aggregate info as well.

@brunodias I think I phrased that poorly, but hopefully it makes sense. 😀

@brunodias "nsfw" was one of the first "content warnings"

@brunodias If people want a leaner timeline, depending on users to voluntarily hide portions of their toots seems like a kludge. This problem should be addressed with a lean timeline option in client preferences. @Live

@brunodias I can't believe people think this is some kind of SJW extremism. It's a perfectly sensible feature.

You forgot to do a CW saying you will talk about CW usage. I don't want to see this 24-hout a day.

Why you don't respect you own standard ?:grinning:

@brunodias the puniditry vortex is what ruined my satisfaction of Twitter and Facebook. While staying informed is important, there is a certain point of diminishing returns where constantly discussing the news on some website doesn't really accomplish anything. I suspect this is a way for people to feel politically involved, without having to leave their comfort zone to march in the streets, etc.

@brunodias this is what makes me not want to stay on Twitter for longer than 30 minutes. constant chasing of the tail for various headlines, then dying down for next $bigthing or $trumptweet, nothing of substance in discussion either.

@colinmahns @brunodias like, what great discoveries and revelations have occurred due to the work of cable news? all that churn and what has been finalized or solved?

@pillarist @colinmahns The idea of a 24/7 stream of "news" content is actively detrimental to society for a million reasons

@brunodias @pillarist the only good thing it's given us is the satire of said networks. but i'm sure the comedians of said satire would agree with me, the humor given to us from the 24 hour news cycle isn't worth the pain

@brunodias Seems like a better way would be to encourage hashtags like #politics #TMI or whatever and then let users set global hashtag filters on what they want to mute

@planet4589 but people generally don't want to mute those subjects 100% of the time or from everyone, they want to be able to opt in or out situationally.

@brunodias Hmm. for time, my method would work (radio buttons to click on/off?) but for selecting people, more difficult.

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