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Bruno Scheele

@aral I want to give someone a book on privacy and design. Any good recommendations? I remember you mentioning a book not that long ago.

Starting to use Mastodon more. That's a good sign. Also speaks to the power of a good mobile app.

When you're actually considering moving your office. Suddenly you're rethinking your shipping address on pre-orders.

Love the 'boosted' terminology. Great choice!

*marks content as sensitive*
It's very sensitive, don't hurt it's feelings. It is a precious pure soul.

@aral You're still running your own Gitlab server instance, right? I was wondering how much space and memory you allocate for it.

My own instance often bugs out due to memory issues, so wondering if my current setup is okay and I'm doing something wrong, or if I should upgrade.

Als je geïnteresseerd bent;

Read the above site if you're interested in helping out as well. Sadly, it's still in Dutch though.

We'll have a new @appril in The Netherlands coming 2017. Stay tuned, but if you have good ideas for an event, let me know!

Er komt weer een nieuwe @appril editie in 2017. Stay tuned, maar als je leuke ideeën hebt voor activiteiten, laat het weten :)

Pretty amazing how is taking off. People really are looking for a Twitter alternative.

Everyone, keep in mind that Mastodon is young and can't do everything that Twitter can yet! It will be fine! And hopefully longer lived than!

Now if only @tweetbot would have support for this as well :)

Ho, we're getting Dutch people here. Starting to feel like home already!

Going to pay better attention to this later. But this looks very, very nice :) Good work, @Gargron!