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Bruno Scheele

Starting to use Mastodon more. That's a good sign. Also speaks to the power of a good mobile app.

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@nikolap My main is Amaroq. I've also been testing 11t by @jeroensmeets, but it's doing weird things atm.

@brunoscheele Cool! I kinda forgot about the existence of iOS there for a minute and just assumed you use Android. :) Amaroq does look cool!

@nikolap What's a good app for Android then? Good to be able to suggest one.

@brunoscheele I use Tusky ( It can get quirky with the notifications, but I dislike push notifications anyway. Otherwise, it's pretty good!

@jeroensmeets @nikolap Needed a fresh install. I'm assuming things hot weird because 11t somehow wasn't authorized anymore. Now, I just lost my status bar 😝