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Bruno Scheele

@aral A belated thank you! Putting that one on my own book list as well!

Sadly, only digital, so it doesn't have that nice 'Here's a book quality' for a gift.

@aral I want to give someone a book on privacy and design. Any good recommendations? I remember you mentioning a book not that long ago.

@jeroensmeets @nikolap Needed a fresh install. I'm assuming things hot weird because 11t somehow wasn't authorized anymore. Now, I just lost my status bar ๐Ÿ˜

@nikolap What's a good app for Android then? Good to be able to suggest one.

@teller I like how I misunderstood and was explaining Wire to someone that actually works on it :joy:

At some point those weird aggregrator services will catch on and allow you to crosspost to Mastodon as well. Look forward to seeing some Wire stuff then.

@nikolap My main is Amaroq. I've also been testing 11t by @jeroensmeets, but it's doing weird things atm.

@teller They're different things, aren't they?

Wire is your direct messaging tool, รก la WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, but secure and valueing your privacy.

Mastodon is your fun soapbox where you get news, ideas and random entertainment from, like Twitter, but without the hatespeech.

Starting to use Mastodon more. That's a good sign. Also speaks to the power of a good mobile app.

When you're actually considering moving your office. Suddenly you're rethinking your shipping address on pre-orders.

@jeroensmeets Just tried it out. Can't do anything after logging in, tho'. But I'm guessing that's a known bug ;)

Love the 'boosted' terminology. Great choice!