Or, they'd at least be interested in handling it quickly, rather than jerking you around and sitting on their hands being all confused like they've never heard of identity theft or fraud before, even though they have an ENTIRE DEPARTMENT for the issue.

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I bet that if banks and other financial/credit institutions had to pay you for your time dealing with them when someone steals your identity and opens an account because they didn't verify them enough, things might actually change and it would be rare.

The worst part? There's actually good *ways* to use something like (semi-transparent) "smart glass"...

This ain't it. They literally had to (re)invent literally the primary reason for having glass in the first place (seeing the product on the shelves).

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glass is smart now. thank goodness

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So much for any plans I had today...

Also, if I have to hear about how to turn "my" @BankMobile@twitter.com card on/off at the click of a button (that I don't have) ONE MORE GODDAMN TIME...

It just asks "did you know...? <explains>" AND IMMEDIATELY LOOPS AGAIN.

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@identityg@twitter.com - "Someone opened a bank account at BankMobile in your name, you should call them to sort it out"
@BankMobile@twitter.com - "We don't see anything..."

So THIS is where @Canonical@twitter.com got the idea for Ubuntu 13.10's mascot...

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You tryna save 15% or nah?


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Zucchini & Mushroom Bibimbap Bowls with Sweet Sesame Sauce & a Fried Egg

I think @ChipotleTweets@twitter.com and I have very different definitions of what "tamper evident" means...

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Go home Python, you’re drunk:

>>> [0xfor x in (1, 2, 3)]

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"He doesn't have a moral compass as much as he has a moral Spirograph" --@offby1@twitter.com

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Whenever I mess up an experiment I just think of what a pigeon considers a successful nest

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