Ok! If @bryanlunduke can have his own , then I can have my own server! Grab your favorite Gopher Browser and connect to gopher://gopher.solobsd.org Server is running on 11.2. If this test is successful we will move it to an server in the next couple of months.

I plan to add as much documentation as I can. Goal is to be a Gopher repo for BSD documentation.

@bryanlunduke almost as scary as the Windows95 electron app..lol

@bryanlunduke glad to see you back on The only social media I use since deleting my facebook and twitter accounts due in no small part to your videos about a year ago

@bryanlunduke Going to try to be on mastodon more. Is there anyone you suggest I follow?

Looking at my YouTube analytics and I can certainly see why so many YouTubers I watch are putting content behind paywalls these days.

Just watching the gradual decline in content as creators become disenfranchised or move on is quite sad; both as someone who creates and consumes #YouTube content.


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