Trees with flowers are my absolute favorite thing. Just look at them!!

More instance questions 

I've been considering some Linux/tech instances, but TBH, I don't really feel linux-y enough with people with bios like "church of Emacs" or have strong opinions on GNU.

Also considering art / gamedev instances. But I don't have a lot to contribute there, because I'm not actively doing those things right now, and constantly seeing stuff I'm not doing is generally depressing.

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Trying to figure out instances on Mastodon still. It seem like they only matter for the "local" tab? Am I losing anything by just staying on

Late night HTML rant 

Why the heck does the <cite> tag exist in HTML? You're supposed to put the title of the work, but not the artist / creator? Just the title? Literally an example in the spec is "The Wikipedia article on <cite>HTML</cite>"; What is anyone going to get from just "the article is called HTML, lmao"??

also discovered they aren't called toots anymore officially :( it's a little sad, but I agree with the point that it makes mastodon dependent on the existence of twitter. There's definitely enough personality elsewhere to make up for it

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🐘 don't mind me, just actually tooting for the first time after lurking for 5 years 🐘


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