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the evil men do lives after them; the good is stored in the balls

spending the day caramelizing indoors. oh! my skin, now so sweet,

boy, i sure love being the joker and saying classic joker lines like "what could possibly go wrong?" and "more like a bridge too short" and "whatever blows your hair back"

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jesus Kamala harris did a photo-op to decry the inhuman treatment of migrant children by the trump administration at the same child jail she's reopening this week

it's rarely that in-your-face, y'know?

birds have hollow bones only because i steal the bone filling from every bird as they are born

granting myself permission to post this evening....

Just spotted another inflation hawk, the most common and annoying of all birds

valheim has caused me minecraft brain for the first time in ages. Yes the great hall is great, but I WILL MAKE IT GREATER

honoring rush limbaugh/pretty gross 

hearing rumors that many 64-year old balding cherubic Fort Lauderdale divorced men are taking only half their cialis pills this weekend to keep their dicks at half-mast

@esvrld @extinct @badboy69 @JohnBrownJr the time has come, for us all to see what we really want to happen between Papa Smurf and Thanos

fine, fuck you then *inflates you making you big and round*

If all the leftists in the 21st century are just gonna larp people from a hundred years ago I'm gonna go with a bi-metalist populist a la William Hope Harvey

The US is now experiencing one of its largest power outages in their history. Over 5.1 million electric customers are without power across the USA. TX maintains its own power grid because it wanted to avoid federal intervention and they are now in a really dangerous situation because of it.

@FirstProgenitor doin ya mom doin doin ya mom doin ya mom doin doin ya mom doin ya mom doin doin ya mom you know we straight doin ya mom

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