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the evil men do lives after them; the good is stored in the balls

In this period of artificial cock discourse, Bryce Youngquist is extremely unhappy about all of you subtooting him.

tl is looking slow today. time to spin the discourse wheel.
*spins wheel* bi people
*pulls slip of paper out of a hat* liked a tweet by, and therefore support,
*throws dart at a corkboard covered in pictures* ronald reagan

Bozo the Clown visiting multiple doctor's offices to let them know there are other clowns you can recommend, assholes!

If Tumblr had been around during the Soviet-Afghan War, a fan account dedicated to Mujahideen fighters would’ve been an Afghanistan

oh, great. my exceedingly unhappy and antisocial husband, hunter hunt hendrix of the band liturgy, has invited his equally unhappy and antisocial friend, stefan burnett of death grips over, and they won’t stop talking about piss. meanwhile, his rowdy drumming friend has damaged my nice granite countertops while laying down a sick beat and his spectacled twink friend won’t stop talking to me about anime.

Someone: gosh, i wish i could've been a fly on the wall for that conversation
Monkey's Paw: well this one's too fucking easy

Bepis Youngqui- *a team of lawyers bodyslams me into the earth's crust*

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yes, I too love to ignore the scientist with grave concerns whilst going on my dangerous space mission

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