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the evil men do lives after them; the good is stored in the balls

Can’t believe 2020 has given us the return of Sho “Sine! Cosine! Tangent!!!” Minamimoto AND a Jedi named Sohcahtoa. Huge year for people who didn’t really understand what was happening in high school trigonometry but thought it all sounded super badass

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making a giant d12 inscribed with words such as "dick" "balls" "twink" "piss" "simp" "cum". you may call this a waste of time. i call it an essential item for anyone into serious competitive posting

Girlboss and Gusano have been declared to be slurs by the liberals. Research begins anew on terminology they will not decree to be offensive to white people.

in the middle of a call with someone I met on an online dating site, the call drops and they stop answering texts. it was, however, exactly at the 30 minute mark on the call

this is a new and next level flavor of ghosting, and I have to respect it

When I got home the neighbor kids excitedly informed me they were playing Acorn Fight, and explained that the rules were that you gathered acorns and threw them at each other, and then gleefully demonstrated it

players finally got to the big moral question in my lancer game: talking with the union administrator-cum-accelerationist whose big plan almost entirely collapsed around her shoulders

and whose deal is "I have the power to help you unfuck this, but you gotta help me get away without punishment"

any time you can get an hour's worth of debate out of your players on the fuck they should do is a good time.

@bryceyoungquist "if you make me more powerful i will become the joker"

*after being corrupted*

"I am now the joker"

You've all heard my voice, and I will not humor suggestions otherwise

just accidentally read россия as poggers. not happy with myself

thank you for supporting my thirst cravings you are gay and hate capitalism

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