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the evil men do lives after them; the good is stored in the balls

listen i love baseball but if they're going to play baseball like everything is normal again we have no choice but to draw and quarter every mlb exec

what's with all the pines our here. shitty half assed trees. leaving sunlight unconsumed.

let expanse contract, let aeon become instant

"that's cool, I'm Bryce Youngquist"
"that's cool, I'm Bryce Youngquist"
"that's cool, I'm Bryce Youngquist"
"Saright mate, I'm Bryce Youngquist"
"Eso es frio, soy Bryce Jovenquisto"
"Bryce Youngquist!"
"that's cool, I'm Bryce Youngquist"
"Kupo, Bryce Youngquistly"

who put mosquitoes on mountains. why is that allowed

you put up half a dozen inside of thirty seconds, reload for a few minutes, do it again, repeat until you're out of ammo. this is the civilized and also faster way to do it.

I'm beginning to suspect white supremacists' affection for small arms mean they're not capable of appreciating the subtle nuances of how to use heavy artillery to be quite honest

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alright I understand why other people dislike fireworks now, up in non flat country they're a lot louder, and also noone knows how to battery fire them

bunch of shitty single shots out here disgracing the fireworking arts

given the population of the planet and the amount of social distancing going on, we are currently living through the time in all earth’s known history with the most ever masturbation

as per ancient law of mastodon, I am in Seattle. where do I go to get in an argument about trotskyism, trade in my old gender, and develop opinions about , I understand there are local rules and Bryce Youngquist is nothing if not an embodiment of cultural normativity

huh. someone got ahold of BIG fireworks. good for them

imagine being a mst3k guy and your screening movies for your tv show and this character just announces that his name is "zapp rowsdower." imagine the joy you'd feel

mlb tv has pledged to make its users suffer "Like never before" in 2020

@tarzanboy @jackdaw_ruiz @healyn we were here first, blessed by the gargron, and we will be last, when the asstodon crumbles, and many blame morgan

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