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the evil men do lives after them; the good is stored in the balls

*extremely had I not already beaten your god to death with my bare hands you would not survive such an insult, bear voice* Bryce Youngquist.

That's politics, babey 

The same outlets that have been filling entire colostomy bags about how 10 trillion Uyghurs have been personally caber tossed into the supermassive black hole at the center of the galaxy by Xi Jinping himself are now working tirelessly to work their way completely up Israel's butthole in the middle of all this, which, hmmm...

you might think you know what's good and bad,

you might think its bad to call the occupation of Palestine a "real estate dispute"

but have you considered how Assad plays into this?

no, of course not, your bappin levels are pitiful

the kind of fucking brain that hears the old "my grandpa died at Auschwitz, he fell out of a guard tower" gag and decides that the problem with the nazis must have been a lack of OSHA compliance

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heard the defense of not closing concentration camps on the border today "look, the ends don't justify the means"

imagine the fucking brain that produces that thought. pure, perfect crystal of liberalism. the Norms must be defended, no matter the human cost, lest civilization itself unravel. the ends do not justify the means, unless the means are concentration camps, in which case whatever end they were created in service to must definitionally be worth it.

Obama's legacy is so fucking dire

threshes you, making your grain loose and clean

A communications disruption can only mean one thing: glup shitto

meanwhile, i have trained a dog we found on the grounds of the sect to focus how good a boy he is (extremely) into an orb of pure hateful power, which allows me to have most of my inner disciples off exploring the rest of inland china for cool magic artifacts and other seekers of enlightenment to gossip with

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as i am a sensible soul, i have retained them, in a room of honor, to perhaps later be vested with spiritual power, provided they are of sufficient potency, of course, i'm not going to have my acolytes waste their time venerating garbage dick unless it's extremely funny to do so

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i feel as though i am underselling ACS by only mentioning the dick-related . that said, nobody gives a shit about the six paths of water enlightenment requiring extensive travels abroad, but people might find it entertaining that the game does rate hog quality. the only moment it does so is at the moment one mainlines sufficient lunar qi for the dick to drop off. one of my male disciples had a Divine Relic quality hog; the latest one had merely Spirit Relic quality.

also i do appreciate that there's three entirely different genres of route to enlightenment, the elemental paths, the heavenly paths, and the bodily perfection paths

unsurprisingly the were-animals, while very good at the other options, excel at the bodily perfection paths, because they have already cast aside the laws of heaven in the name of getting to walk around like people, so when heaven comes to beat them up for getting too swole they are prepared for the consequences

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(the basic earth elemental enlightenment path is to align your meridians with the qi of the Moon. the natural side effect, represented mechanically, of this process is your dick falling off if you have one. this is one of the cheaper ways to increase max qi. as a result, amazing cultivation simulator postulates if you are a man, and you still have your dick and balls, you are fundamentally unserious in your search for enlightenment.)

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amazing cultivation simulator is a wild-ass game, because like its source material it uses taoist mythology as core game mechanics for a dwarffortresslike.

you can kill visitors by putting them in a room with rancid enough vibes. you can make a sect member significantly more powerful by putting them in a room with good enough vibes. this is most of the opening game. you know you've broken into the real game when you've instituted mandatory dick removal to seek heaven.

ffxiv 3.0 spoilers, kinda 

@FirstProgenitor a smile better suits a homo

@CornishRepublicanArmy @FirstProgenitor Lucy you should be aware that Mika's crying is DIRECTLY related to the fact that with the expanded Free Trial, new players can journey through the entirety of A Realm Reborn and the award-winning Heavensward expansion up to level 60 for FREE with no restriction on playtime

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