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the evil men do lives after them; the good is stored in the balls

In 2000, we were able to identify the Standard Model relationship with the confirmation of the existence of "Waluigi".

Some have proposed the Supersymmetry Model; I say this model does not go far enough.

What I am proposing is a radical paradigm shift from even just a generation ago: with the confirmed existence of Gooigi, the entire model as we've known it was thrown into disarray.

The String Theory Model attempts to reconcile that which we know to be true, and that which we do not yet know.

meta meta meta meta meta 

uspol: the biden campaign 

ben shapiro, lewd 

tripping so hard my ass falls off but I recover and do a badass tactical spin and position myself so that my ass lands right in place again

@ida @bryceyoungquist making a virtual assistant to compete with anazons alexa but its actually just bryce youngquist stuffed in a small box

it is a beautiful day. time to talk to a man unironically using the word "Coolio" about his SQL workplace and how I'd be a good fit for it.

Mastodon Is Crumbling, And Many Blame The Fact We Built It Around An Unstable Black Hole For Some Reason, Seriously, Who Does That

every once in a while you see a recipe with a call for a weird ingredient, and you think "okay sure I'll try it"

do not put sugar in a potato cheddar soup. it cuts all the taste of the salt and cheese. my people came up with an ingredient you can actually add to reduce flavor. they must be stopped.

how the hell did I survive this commute for six months. you want to kill every other human being in the world by the end of hour one. no wonder so many suburbanites vote republican

someone blasting the beatles' "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" at 11 pm, from a motorcycle, in remote suburbia


Good midnight. I'm Bryce Youngquist. What if we kissed 😳 😳 in an inexplicable outlet mall store 😎 that sells bathroom accessories 💦 because clearly i came to the mall to get a bidet :kirby: and a chrome toilet seat cover :overwatch: that does not work with the bidet :yikes: Also, no fewer than one of us were Bryce Youngquist. 👀 👀 Thank you. I have been Bryce Youngquist.

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