@bryceyoungquist waiting for a nintendo lawyer to break through the wall like the kool-aid man

@bryceyoungquist I want to know what it would look like but, I don't want to know what it would look like

@bryceyoungquist Pretty sure this is just Bowser without his spiky arm/wrist bands. XD

@bryceyoungquist I mean... I know a really cool website where a lot of people have already generated such a thing 😅

@MadestMadness @bryceyoungquist

How can you have "free software" when people have already made naked bowser

@mal @MadestMadness @bryceyoungquist And much like all the old narrow-field progressives, they're no doubt hilarious.

@violet @MadestMadness @bryceyoungquist

Luckly location services requires non-free Javascript to run so I know he can't find me

@MadestMadness @bryceyoungquist

How can you have "free software" when I don't have a fennec in my lap to pat? Sounds fake

@bryceyoungquist agreed but what about Doug Bowser actual for real Nintendo employee

@modernmodron what he does is his own business until such time as a task force is assembled

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