Ladies. Gentlemen. Enbies. The detested Healyn. The time has come, as you knew it always would. The Inevitable Bryce Youngcast is born. It is called the Funnie Papers, and it is about the 90s cartoon Doug.

the sentences "Skeeter was at Abu Ghraib" and "this is like a bad freshman poetry seminar became a children's TV show" both appear

@jess there is much to examine in Mosquito Valentine. MUCH TO EXAMINE.

@bryceyoungquist I wish I didn't have a personal commitment to not listening to podcasts because this sounds like I might mayyybe possibly enjoy it

@ItsJenNotGabby @bryceyoungquist What if you pretended it was a video that didn't have a visual component?

@bryceyoungquist This post has shown up like 4 times at this point and I still can't get over "The detested Healyn."

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