I hope I did all the moving stuff right because I dont know how to computers


oh, wait you're actually doing this i thought it was a joke.

@healyn @tarzanboy

.social is a paper tiger! it will be crumpled in my hand like a little paper cup that the dentist hands you to swish fluoride!


@tarzanboy @jackdaw_ruiz @healyn we were here first, blessed by the gargron, and we will be last, when the asstodon crumbles, and many blame morgan

@bryceyoungquist @tarzanboy @jackdaw_ruiz @healyn My
.social stands as a memoriam to the egg I was when i joined here... and to let me know which bots are trying to gain clout.

@NeoAJ @bryceyoungquist @tarzanboy @jackdaw_ruiz @healyn everyone making an account on .social has a cuckoldry fetish. only explanation

@jackdaw_ruiz @wintgenstein @NeoAJ @bryceyoungquist @healyn

yes, we do participate in cuckolding because someone has to be the bulls around here so it might as well be us.

@tarzanboy @jackdaw_ruiz @wintgenstein @NeoAJ @bryceyoungquist dot social allows its users to be both the cuck and the bull. and i think that's beautiful

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