as per ancient law of mastodon, I am in Seattle. where do I go to get in an argument about trotskyism, trade in my old gender, and develop opinions about , I understand there are local rules and Bryce Youngquist is nothing if not an embodiment of cultural normativity

We’re also going to need to get you a flannel, hiking boots and a puffer vest. If you own an umbrella, you must destroy it immediately.

@AudreyJune @bryceyoungquist I have an umbrella and I will never buy a vest, which is how I know I will always remain a Californian and never a "true Portlander" 😂😂

@bryceyoungquist @patience I was having an argument about trotskyism yesterday, just asked my first irl friend to use they/them pronouns for me the day before that, and my job is in FOSS. So uh, good eye for the local tropes I guess

@solterrasa @patience on my return to Chicago these things will be shed, in favor of strong opinions about pizza and mediocre quarterbacks. the life of a genius loci is a difficult one

@bryceyoungquist @solterrasa hey bryce youngquist, do you have any bryce youngquist relatives living in canada, because i think i might know him, he’s the dude upstairs and he runs his life in demo mode. sound familiar or nah

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