Giving a boss a title card kicks ass

Janitorial Subroutine Beta
Scourer of the Unworthy
First Lieutenant of Grand Chariot

(Elite spite, coordinating several lurkers, hives, and striders)

Memorial, Firstborn of Grand Chariot

(Not actually the boss, funnily enough, that title goes to its coencounter members //THE WHEELS MUST SPIN and //THE STEED MUST PULL)

Grand Chariot itself, of course, starts at Grand Chariot, Heir Ascendant, and then starts spiraling down to Grand Chariot the Broken, en route passing Of Fractured Skies and The Lost Son

@bryceyoungquist when they gave title cards to every boss in Ocarina of Time but then the final boss was just "GANON" that was the hypest thing to happen to little children in 1998

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