Portrait of The Youngquist As Stuck Working Late From Home, This Is Bullshit

in the cyberpunk future, we will be able to induce foot fetishes electronically

Bryce Youngquist, mastoprom 

in the event of a prom emergency, Bryce Youngquists may be sighted. this is normal. Maintain unblinking not-quite-eye contact with them and they will likely search out other prey. do not offer them any hors'doeuvres, that's how you get more of them.

In the absence of predators to keep their numbers down, birdies have overtaken the golf course. this joke has been brought to you by the concept of dads

Enbies, ladies, and the three other men in the fediverse. I, Bryce Youngquist, come to you with a terrifying revelation. Our ancient enemies have returned. The quarantine has allowed them to arise from their slumber, and now the living will envy those who have seen their true forms unleashed.

also there's two geese near them, not sure what that's about

Good evening. I'm Bryce Youngquist. I would like to announce: it's ducks.

seriously look at these little jerks. it is going to be a lot of fun to watch my players break them.

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