@geesehoward you are even punished at one point and have to replace them

graphic violence, horrorposting 

@nutt @esvrld this fight ends with me standing above my own ruined body, cracking my neck, and announcing Bryce Youngquist to the void

@garfiald believed both in the value of overcoming traditions and also running rivers to wipe the birthplaces of people who annoyed him off the map

little considered upside of food poisoning: you can eat like a pig the next day with no sense of guilt

@ItsMorgan the fields are collapsing. soon you will be returned to the people you were before

@esvrld show yourself coward I will never respect major league soccer

nothing quite as terrifying, or as satisfying, as the first clean fart after a night and morning spent in terror of a flood that might result

ah, waking up to piss out my ass then throw up.

day off to a pleasant start already

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