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YOU live in a society. I live in catboy containment & observation tank #9339

@healyn @Cyborgneticz yeah you know what's better than waking up for some odd prime number of years? waking up every fucking four years and VOTING, you selfish piece of shit.

Homestuck: "It still keeps happening. You come to the sobering realization that things will never stop from keep happening constantly."

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someone told the suburbanites about fireworks. how dare they have not shared with me

when they ask will smith to do a followup to his 2004 self-aware AI oppressing humanity movie

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huh. latest take on coronavirus is simultaneously encouraging and personally terrifying

Good news: we don't think you're contagious for a full two weeks before coming down with it

Bad news: at some point during that two weeks, which likely varies from person to person, you are just a volcano of contagion for a day or two

this explains why we're seeing all these superspreader incidents and why masking works so good: anything to reduce you personally being a volcano helps a shitton

are we human
or are we gamer
im Bryce Youngquist
and that is cool

the five-thirty go-for-a-walk-replacing-commute for team work from home is weird, but pleasant

for the first time the people relishing being done with work are not just that fucker in front of you in the car, they got faces and names and instead of a stupidly overpriced car it's a stupidly overpriced water bottle

life in bourgeoisie mercenary housing is becoming vaguely human

the apartment smells of pork fat, oranges, and cinnamon

these will be good carnitas

in a sense, are we not all, technically, a kind of soup? the answer is yes. I'm Bryce Youngquist, and thank you for attending my TED talk.

man suddenly I've got a Billy Joel song about bleakly persisting in the face of oblivion stuck in my head

downeaster Alexa isn't even that good

not being able to nail down where the rising sense of dread is coming from adds a nice extra layer to the inexplicable surge of anxiety. fuck to this I say

having real trouble focusing on doing work
it's amazing, i'm not even being entertained by my distractions, and I do need to get this shit done, but i can't make myself throw numbers at spreadsheets r/n

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