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Giving a boss a title card kicks ass

Janitorial Subroutine Beta
Scourer of the Unworthy
First Lieutenant of Grand Chariot

my brain was accosted by this dumb joke and now that i've given it form so are all of you

the subtle beauty of a rotten ship rolling up on an elven citadel and disgorging like a thousand zombies with guns.

I had forgotten how good vampire coast was

amazing cultivation sim fascinates me more by the day, there's three completely different playstyles on the road to enlightenment and my sole complaint is thus far reaching heaven by getting buff as hell appears to be the least complicated

the elemental schools must compare notes across generations of acolytes playing arcane games with weather control sorcery to produce a slightly more impressive next round, all a bodybuilder needs is a nice place to sit and eight meals/day for a few months

The best harry potter porn I've seen is one where Harry and Ron AS Crabbe and Goyle (from drinking prollyjuice protion) are Eiffel Towering a trans girl version of Draco Malfoy.

@jimpjorps @thatcosmonaut centuries of domestication have deprived horses of what little ability they may have once had to realize their actions have consequences. Even on a scale of something like "if I walk towards a door, I will soon be outside". Horses don't have that. A horse drifts through the world unconscious, lashing out at random intervals. A horse is the perfect sociopath.

I added my recent Kirby plush acquisitions to the Boystack. It is now a Boydisplay.

"Settlers chant "Death to Arabs and Muslims" during the march of Israeli flags in Jerusalem, the capital of now occupied Palestinian Territories"

sure you could contemplate the mysteries of the elements or the heavens in order to achieve immortality, OR you could teach a tiger how to talk, then stare at the sun until she can set her right arm on fire and the moon until her legs are made of ice and steel

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no, seriously, I checked, one of them had the wounds 'right thigh shredded by wizard attack' 'lungs destroyed by tigerwoman's right arm' 'full body wounded by lungs(exit)'

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cultivators attacked the Completely Legitimate sect, attracted by rumors the newcomers were legit. Our elemental cultivators, admittedly, are still weak.

we have made up for it by teaching a tiger to walk like people and also giving her a right arm that can tear out the throat of God

the combat animations arent intricate, but there's something pleasing about the wizards hucking spellsbat one another while a tigerwoman comes screaming in appreciably faster to rip out their lungs

man it has been too long since it was slightly too hot and precisely too humid and I was roaming the streets of the city

i begin to understand why old guys feeling like they're young acted so embarrassing, this is a great feeling

Bless the people putting in extra hours at this Chicago bar to discuss the real issues.

Quick question: what is the first thing about raising a baby? Cuz I don't know it.

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