Well, I have a more reasonably-priced phone on order, but I'm gonna be phoneless this weekend until it arrives.

My Nexus 5X finally succumbed to the dreaded bootloop.

It's a good thing we didn't make 2FA with SMS basically mandatory across the industry oh wait that's why I can't post this to birdsite

unrestrained capitalism 


I'm only in the "browsing dealer websites" phase of "buying a new car" and ugggggggggh

It was a GTA-themed "wanted level" T-shirt.

I don't really think it'd place on any "nicest shirt" lists...

tfw you go to a restaurant and the hostess says "that's a nice shirt" and you weren't expecting that so your response is "um, thank you? I'll need a table for six" and then you can't sleep because you're wondering if you fucked up a social cue.

Really diggin' how this latest batch of spam e-mail uses my dead grandparents' names in the From: header.

Thanks largely to a contributor on GitHub working around the showstopper bug in Thunderbird 38 that lead me to give up on it, addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thund has been updated to support TB 52 and 60!

ideal man-months presume the existence of ideal men

Rally is a system that throws so much garbage in your face that it actively makes you feel like an idiot when you spend two hours trying to figure out how to add a task (or is it a user story? a defect? these are all somehow different things?)

Today I have the one-two punch of having to come up with yearly "Goals" to go into the "Human Capital Management" system, as well as iteration tasks to go into the "CA Agile Central" system and boy is my job satisfaction at a fucking low right now.

Going to a dermatologist tomorrow. They requested I fill out "new patient forms" online.

View-source on their form indicates it pulls JavaScript from no less than nine different websites.

Thinkin' I just go in early and request forms on paper...

Dell Streak 5. In 2010, slammed for being impossibly large for a phone. In 2018, seems positively quaint in comparison. mastodon.social/media/CgFYQLud

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