One thing we don't often notice is that today's funding environment for web startups is anomalous. I was a business major and can think of few times where one industry was gifted with so much money (and in return, had so many expectations about profit-making). This isn't like the 1920s stockmarket mania. About the only thing I'm aware of that might be similar (I need to read more about it) is tulipmania.

@lnxw48a1 Yeah. Since I'm interested in entrepreneurship, biz, and innovation, I've somewhat complained that living in feels further away (ideologically) from Silicon Valley, where a lot of that is supposedly going on, than is, but I suspect that a lot of dynamics there are antipatterns and that I benefit more from not getting too familiar with those.

@lnxw48a1 But I think that a lot of the dynamics can be explained by that there, there is a love of the idea of winner-take-all markets, such that if you establish an initial advantage no one has a chance of catching up with you. I suspect that this is seen as more efficient than competing and, when it works out, less stressful; but getting to that point might incur far greater costs there and, indirectly, elsewhere.

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