Udemy has given me a coupon so I can take another course for next to nothing. The course I am currently taking includes HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node.js, React, MongoDB and something else that escapes me right now. In the "real" world what would I *need*? Ruby-on-Rails? Python? Angular.js? Something else? I only have a few days left on this coupon so I need to decide but I am not sure what to take that will be a boon on the resume.
@bthall @jim Do they have any #MySQL or #MariaDB courses? Any courses in configuring #Apache, #Nginx, #Lighttpd? Any courses in elementary sysadmin for #Debian or #Ubuntu or #Fedora or #CentOS or #RHEL?
I thought it was any course but as I re-read the email it looks like my choices are Ruby-on-Rails, Django and Python, Ruby, another one like I am taking now, and a few more JS courses.

> Ruby-on-Rails, Django and Python, Ruby ... JS

I suppose those are all good. As is PHP. I think some of the RoR buzz has died down a little (replaced by Node.JS buzz).
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