Wow. Just had a Sierra Nevada Torpedo ("Extra IPA") after not having an IPA in over a month, and that smell and taste! Delightfully piney and syrupy. Not sure if the bottle was more fresh than usual or if my taste buds are different, but wow! I might be back to liking IPAs, baby!

@bthall Boulevard Brewing in Kansas City has an IPA that I really like. I've never found a way to buy just one bottle at a time, so I always end up leaving 3-4 bottles for the #hotel staff when I leave. #beer #cerveza

@lnxw48a1 Aww that's way cute! I hope they're able to keep them. 😊 What type of IPA is it? Citrusy, juicy, malty?

@lnxw48a1 Oh that's okay :) Malty is more like a stout, and I only recently learned that IPAs are done in that style; supposedly they are the classic IPA style, supplanted by West Coast/bitter and floral. Juicy I first tried in San Diego, and it's a bit like a fruit cocktail; talked about as "hazy" IPAs. "Bitter" is "West Coast", or kinda citrusy and floraly; these started me in liking beer, with the Lagunitas IPA.

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