Meh to heck with it: I'm more motivated to dive back in to and learn by osmosis than forcing my way through and .

Not yet. I figure I need to learn some Python before I jump into Django

@jim orly? Have you done many courses on there? I think the last time I saw your posts, you were doing ...?

I have completed a few of the shorter courses, like how to use git but I have yet to cross the line on the big important ones. I had life get in the way in November and am just now starting up again

@jim Which course are you going to do? There's a couple with Python/Django

I was doing FreeCodeCamp for a while but it didn't work for me. Courses done or on my to-do list are Colt Steele's Web Developer Bootcamp 1and 2, he has one on Python/Django also.i will be doing Python/Django: From Zero to Hero (or something like that), and a mish-mash of stuff like how to use git and howto pick your nose so your finger doesn't get icky. Steele is my fave instructor so far though

@bthall Wow, I had the opposite experience. Did a couple of years of Django, then a couple years of Rails, and couldn't *wait* to get back to Django. Feels so much more logical/intuitive to me.

@shacker That's great to hear! Since I posted the post you're replying to, I've kinda fallen in love with and the Python community, so I'll be looking into more. 😙

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