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Brandon Hall ✝Φ 🍻

This is a part from the book I just bought (I have it from the college library, but I need to return it today). Apparently the matter of "producing beer was women's work"! πŸ˜‚πŸ’ž

The book is "Mushrooms, mold, and miracles", which is about fungi, the science of them and how they've affected humans.

Aight homies, seeing your responses to my post, I now know what to get you guys for Christmas. Gonna try to negotiate for a bulk order discount.

@deadsuperhero I recommend that you watch this series of videos. They really changed my life, helped me open up, and be more social and loving: "Leo Buscaglia - Art of Being Fully Human - YouTube"

The state capital's getting its bling on

I went for a walk around downtown before heading to campus, and I saw the capital all foggy with its Christmas tree, so I walked over to see it. πŸ˜—

I will say, though, that the speaker was pretty good after that. This was just one point that made me laugh/cringe.

I felt a need to say this after reading about people abusing someone on social media for including a lightly controversial point in a conference talk. (Source: "Burnout and Twitter fatigue"

My own works aren't without their issues and contradictions, I'm sure, but in dealing with these famous works, "contradictions, contradictions everywhere" is all but ringing in my head.

Added some graphs to my dating profile for fun

"Graph of how interesting I seem over time: ▁▂▃▅▂▇"

I need to tweak them because most of them don't make sense, statistically.

Here's part of the original draft. I'm surprised and delighted by the voice that I've been able to establish in it; what do you think of it?

Our reactions regarding learning. Made this with learning / in mind, but I think that it applies to our reactions regarding just about anything. I'll write a blog post about this soon.

I complain about my mushroom growing not going well, meanwhile this guy's growing the same type on some socks

Oh my gosh I'm so excited! I was going outside to check on my oyster mushroom mycelium that I was trying to fruit (get the mushrooms to actually grow), and I was ready to resign from it and accept defeat, but the little suckers are growing and growing strong!