@kai ๐Ÿ˜‚ I got to that part before falling asleep. His description of the ever-present chance of getting hit by a motorbike while outside, there, had me quite unnerved and all the while he was praising it. Though I'm usually all for playing around with considering negatives as positives, that's too much for me and my anxiety. I like cities in proportion to which I feel able to ascend Maslow's hierarchy, thankyaverymuch </rant>

@kai this one? youtu.be/jWYfl0aZB04 I'm not sure that I have before but I am now ๐Ÿ˜Š

#Ideas Regarding algorithmically-sorted #socialnetwork timelines, your users may come to hate you, the network service provider, the better the results/content you provide and the less explicit your sorting algorithm is. The less comprehensible the algorithm, the less trust in you, the provider, and this matter is made *worse* by delivering quality results with that algorithm, as now users see that you can catch quality stuff with the algo, but now they're very free to wonder about what isn't shown to them. This is subtly different from Fear of Missing Out (#FoMO), which tends to be talked about in an endearingly codependent sort of way.

@dredmorbius @mplouffe I second this question. Hoping for a reading list ๐Ÿ’Œ

Humans are batteries, yo!

"Almost all the oxygen we breathe is turned into water by mitochondria, which add two electrons and two H+ ions to each oxygen atom, making four electrons for an O2 molecule... the resting human being harbors 100 amperes of electric current, and an athlete at full stretch reaches 1,000A.15 The average wall plug is fused at 15A."

The intricacies of physiology never cease to amaze me


@deadsuperhero @lain I'm curious to know whether (or how) any of their devs use YouTube, cuz it seems like such a glaring oversight that it's hard to rationalize. And I'm a guy that loves trying to figure out how people manage to think things that I find weird.

Forgiveness is something people need more.

After thinking about this, I suspect that I figured out a more successful method of helping kids (and adults) save money towards goals. :D I'll write it up.

[I'm posting this here rather than at my Bikeshed.party account (@bthall) because I can't see the original post at BS.party]

๐Ÿ˜… I could barely fit two quarter pipes (for ) in my garage, as, with the ones I'm thinking about saving up for, I could stand on top of them and have only 3-4" of clearance before I hit my head on the ceiling. Accordingly, it would be a good habit to keep my knees bent.

I wish that younger-me had the patience or assistance to save up and get them years ago, but better late than never. ๐Ÿ˜…

. @feld @feld Are you the only user on bikeshed.party instance? ๐Ÿ˜‚ I'm looking for a instance to join, and bikeshed is the most tech-y one I could find on the list of PL instances...

@andybalaam After Evangelical? Are you Christian, though? I've been meaning to watch your video about Christianity and now I'm all confused

@kai uh I can't figure out how to login with my Mastodon credentials. `bthall@mastodon.social` as username and `[password]` as password on pleroma.site ???

@kai I'll try it later today. From the picture you've painted of it, I have a gif ready for expressing my enthusiasm over it.

@kai @adam On the opposite end, is there a way to use the UI for Masto accounts?

@lain Like with :

You know what would help with getting people to use it? Letting people subscribe to other users via its interface.

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