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I messed up on this. locks non-users out of viewing the actual data and code itself. 😫 I'll upload the and code to / .

I'm hella out of it apparently: my friend said to meet him at Peet's coffee. I said okay. Halfway there I realized that I was walking to Pete's Pizza. 🙃

GET RICH QUICK by running a piece of open source software on a rented machine for free and hoping some of your users will volunteer to support you on patreon because you had to quit your job to do admin work full-time and also pay other full-time admins.

been preparing and saving up for a long long time for this, is a dream come true to finally design a pin 😭

I'm currently offering worldwide free shipping on them until I find my feet with all this :

#creativetoots #art #pins #mastoart #animals #cute

also, found this on birdsite earlier today:

a 16-year old along with two of their friends and their professor made an open-source VR headset and software... because they couldn't afford an oculus rift.

i love the internet sometimes.

I just realized that there is not only demand for cringey-but-catchy , but that I demand it. 😂

Okay, if you ever feel bad about having screwed up your programming, ask any programmer you really respect what their last bug was, and I guarantee it'll be a null check or an equals check accidentally flipped to not-equals. The more experienced you are in this business, the dumber the bugs seem to get.

“The Vertue of the COFFEE Drink”: An Ad for London’s First Cafe Printed Circa 1652

@tom79 I recommend changing your bio to include a description of what is (a multi-accounts client for Mastodon), for people out of the loop that happen to stumble upon your profile (such as myself). If you're concerned about bio character count, the Issues link is a bit redundant after linking to the main page of the repo, so it can be sacrificed.

@zacts @kai I've been working with and to help my parents' business. 😊 In one part I had to use simple if-else statements, but in the one I have really been talking about I've been juggling four different if-else cases and arrays (and had to figure out which cases would even be involved given the requirements of the feature, which I also had to figure out for myself).

@bthall how much time have you been spending with R!?

@kai 😂 very little! It's just my luck that the base plot() function makes a super impressive-looking graph from data frames with multiple columns.