A #wiki needs multiple people editing it to thrive but most people seem to prefer doing their own thing.

I just told my wife that the first edit to my blog and #wiki was made 2002-06-23. She asked me why I started it and I remembered Ward Cunningham and the Portland Pattern Repository, and Christopher Alexander and the Timeless Way of Building, and Sunir Shah and Meatball Wiki, and Clifford Adams and UsemodWiki, and how we thought wikis were superior to blogs, and how editable websites was REVOLUTIONARY! And it still is. We all get to publish. It’s amazing to be alive.

Family Lore, Memories and a Wiki
I have a project I've been thinking about, off and on for about 9 months: I want to write down what I can remember of my family lore and also my own family memories from my youth.

Stories told to me by family members about themselves or other family members.
Stuff I was a part of.
My memories of parents and grandparents.

I can't write these in any sort o

Excited about this year.

Going to make an effort to get out and do more in the physical world, interact with people in person, etc.

Going to try and do more making (and sharing) things and less talking about things.

Not sure why, but I’ve felt like 2019 was going to be a good year for awhile...

From now on, I’m calling the “have one fewer kid” carbon footprint advice “Thanos environmentalism”.

Learn Python programming the easy way with EduBlocks - EduBlocks brings a Scratch-like GUI to writing Python 3 code
Python is a great first programming language, and it is only getting better as more educational tools are developed. One of the best things about Python is its ecosystem: Whatever you need, there's probably a library for it on PyPI.

One of the barriers when transitioning from Scratch to Python is the absence of the drag-and-drop GUI that has made Scratch the go-to application in K-12 schools. EduBlocks' drag-and-drop version of Python 3 changes that paradigm. It aims to "help teachers to introduce text-based programming languages, like Python, to children at an earlier age."

The hardware requirements for EduBlocks are quite modest—a Raspberry Pi and an internet connection—and should be available in many classrooms.

EduBlocks was developed by Joshua Lowe, a 14-year-old Python developer from the United Kingdom.

See https://opensource.com/article/18/8/edublocks

#python #education
I now have the TacticalTypos.net domain! Until I feel like paying $5/month to Neocities, I'm just redirecting the domain http://tacticaltypos.net to the Neocities subdomain :)

(#Neocities is well worth $5, but I'm cash-poor right now.)

I've been looking around the latest Pythonista beta these last couple of days. It's extremely impressive the things it can do. I wish I felt more confident that I'd use it to automate (or even create new) stuff with it.


#iOS #Automation #Python #JavaScript

My fermentation chamber for #beer project is progressing well : "good enough" temperature regulation, data logging, real-time monitoring, #Mastodon bot for notification,...

Using #ESP32 / #M5Stack, #MQTT, #Python,...


I wish it was more of a Thing to just move into a house with a bunch of friends after college

@bthall I heard this spoken during an interview with a Chinese factory owner in heavily accented English.

Any time someone implies that they are price-sensitive, I recite it. 🤓

Some of Leah's relatives lost their home to the fire in northern California. Thankfully they're OK, but the wife is pregnant and the stress associated with losing their home likely isn't good for her or the baby.

Please join me in donating to their #GoFundMe campaign to help them get into a more stable situation, quickly.


#CA #wildfires

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I used to #design things with Photoshop, all but ending with making cartoony figures of the #GaiaOnline avatars of my friends and I [two of which are shown below]. As you can see, the figures utilized mostly only gradients and line tool work, and such work was very tedious in #Photoshop whereas it'd have been easy in #Illustrator or Inkscape, in no small part because PS (at the time?) does(/did) not let you modify work. I'd love to learn how to do this again, with #Inkscape. #art

@kai 😂 I got to that part before falling asleep. His description of the ever-present chance of getting hit by a motorbike while outside, there, had me quite unnerved and all the while he was praising it. Though I'm usually all for playing around with considering negatives as positives, that's too much for me and my anxiety. I like cities in proportion to which I feel able to ascend Maslow's hierarchy, thankyaverymuch </rant>

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