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@bthall Yeah. I'm unlucky enough to have been working in publishing during this period so I can confidently say that print prices (as well as prices of ebooks from trad. publishers) actually increased pretty much across the board. Less discounting overall coupled with an industry-wide push towards higher-priced hardcovers.

Most of the unit-measured sales trends for printed fiction I've seen (unfortunately few are public) are abysmal.

The amount of times I was hit on the head as a kid I'm surprised I'm not more stupider

What web hosts do you guys recommend these days?

I only really need FTP access right now, but getting into stuff later would be cool. I saw recommended on .

@bthall This is exactly how it works for me, down to the feeling of dependence being so far outside of my comfort zone. I think it's deliberately so unintuitive to make sure you know it wasn't just clever lateral thinking on your part that came to the "way more brilliant than your previous line of thinking" conclusion

After the fact analysis of my thinking patterns and the miraculous solution tend to involve the following:

Me: Semi-linear thinking, walking along the X axis with slight movements up and down the Y axis, but mostly hugging the X axis. Premises considered: A,B,C,D

Miraculous solution: Z axis, baby! Premises A and B were wrong, but C and D were OK.

God seems to really like providing solutions to things I've been trying to think through, and he tends to provide such unintuitive and radically different ones than I'd been considering that I'm left at such a loss for explaining how I came to possess them. 😅 It's humbling and helpful, and I am grateful, but it also asserts a need for me to depend yet more upon his provisions than I feel comfortable with. 😥

Nightmare that I'm late to first day of semester, leading me to have my classes dropped. 😥 My required attendance during first weeks.

"In winter, people derived more pleasure from their ambient room temperature the warmer it got [...] suggesting that home-climate happiness isn’t due to social comparison" (personally, can confirm)

"Within cities, people with more-valuable jewelry tended to be happier than those with less-valuable jewelry. But the same wasn’t true across cities [...] suggesting that happiness that comes from jewelry value is based on social comparison"


Maciej Ceglowski is relevant here:

"If you can get away with it, just don't collect it! Just like you don't worry about getting mugged if you don't have any money, your problems with data disappear if you stop collecting it."

@bthall If mushrooms are still considered fungi, you're a mold raiser, too!

I think my soreness from sleeping (which I mentioned the other day and which has yet to go away) is partially caused by a birth defect that I only recently learned I have. I have only a minor form of the defect, and of course googling for it shows the scariest, extreme forms of it. But that defect makes at least three birth defects! I'm a frickin mold breaker! 😎

@bthall I know know why it's called koine greek. κοινός, -ή, -όν is an adjective that means "common, shared". koinos, -ay, -on (transliterated). So koine Greek, the Greek of the New Testament, was written in the common/shared dialect of Greek at the time.

my husband is playing w google home on his pixel 2 in the car. he asked it to play jazz. worked well, queued up a nice playlist in google play music. impressive.

after a few songs, it suddenly started playing some kind of story about a strangler who murdered women. No kidding. With our small kids in the car - not ok.

So he then asked it for relaxing music. It complained and then played loud heavy metal while displaying an up$ell screen.

I'm uncomfortable when things are positioned to the market primarily from the standpoint of that they're new (to the market). Why should anyone care what the market has been ignorant of? Moss could be growing on it and we'll still love it if it's good.

You see this with a lot, and I guess it makes sense in tech since the newest developments in $domain are the important thing, but the human elements are put to the wayside more than they ought to be.

@bthall @kai Dad is right. That's exactly how I would have responded to my sons.

@bthall I found your future reading National Geographic. Get an internship, become a brand ambassador like @bnb, or camp out at their doorstep.

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