watching my dog meet a burro was the funniest thing today

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What would you need a customized camper style van for? 🤔

i leave for a day for work and everything changes xD

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Sometimes I'm confused by things I see on the internet and all I can wonder is

( ( (is this a fetish thing?) ) )

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for those of you who dont know, "frankentrees" can actually be created through grafting. because most plants have no immune system, you can attach a branch from one tree to another and they dont even need to be the same species ! ( though they do need to be compatible )

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I keep seeing so im gonna jump on the bandwagon.
I'm Otter, 25 she/her. There isn't much I don't like. Tabletop, video games, books, writing. Im also an artist, though typically of the furry variant.

Just watching the timeline and like four different convos and three seperate types of porn xD is this normal for mastodon?


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