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Meanwhile, adaptive message dialogs, and a good opportunity to improve the API over GtkMessageDialog.

It hasn't landed yet, but it's fairly close.

If I didn't have to move, this probably would have happened in March or April.

It always takes me half a day to update my CV. I have to resist the urge to re-style everything next time

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Any Python dev out there willing to help @fdroidorg to get rid of this nasty little bug?


(a little background: when screenshots for apps are provided via fastlane, and the author decides to rename/remove some, the renamed/removed "originals" are kept and there's currently no way getting rid of them but making "more screenshots", which is not always feasible). 4 years it waits to be fixed now…

#helpWanted #callingOut #followerPower #fdroid

It took about 7 years to break even on a solar system in Thailand last time I checked. It's probably less than 5 years now since electricity prices have gone up by a lot. Looks like the current energy crisis can speed up green transition in many places

Just finished reading an article describing how an NFT-based "earn money for walking" app works. Those projects don't even try to hide the fact that they are centralized pyramid schemes, what a time to be alive

Using WiFi on Raspberry Pi servers was a horrible idea, it's super unreliable

I was sceptical of other platforms but decided to try F-Droid. It helped me attract plenty of users, sone of them even became contributers. Yes, Google Play user base is huge, but it's not like other platforms are abandoned. Publishing via alternative channels is the only realistic way to get rid of monopolies

I've been wondering what motivates devs to abandon their open source projects after they get shit from Google Play. There are quite a few viable and actively used alternatives to Google Play

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#AndroidAppRain at F-Droid with 28 updated and 5 new (*) apps – and on my repo with 4 updates and 1 new(+) app:

* Kaku: Japanese OCR Dictionary
* Openreads: books tracker, organizer and reading list
* Pixiv Func: Pixiv client
* RSSAid: RSSHub assist tool (generate RSS for sites not having it)
* Shadowsocks: shadowsocks client for TV
+ BTC Map: find places accepting BTC payment

Enjoy your #free & #foss #android #apps at, with and from #fdroid :awesome:

The previous app was a web feed reader, and I was shocked when I learned that Google hates such apps because they don't ship with built-in censorship tools

Just submitted my second app to F-Droid. Google Play banned my previous app and I don't even want to take a chance with this one

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Dear #Linux distribution makers: take all the energy you spend creating #GNOME themes and invest them in improving your overall experience, contributing upstream, and creating a nice dynamic wallpaper instead.

You’re not going to improve on stock GNOME 42.

This is not what I would have said in the past but I’m hugely impressed by the latest version and, more importantly, the direction they’re going. And sad to see the wasted effort that slows down releases and ties up vital development effort.

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NVIDIA did what?

Kudos to UK for guaranteeng security of Sweden and Finland

My latest weekend project is a Bitcoin world map, planning to publish it to F-Droid soon

Tried making cold brew tea for the first time. Not too bad, but I wonder what can be added to add some sweetness. Will start with honey and passion fruits

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PipeWire seems to be working fine on my PC. I added a few Lua scripts to rename my built-in speakers and disable a few devices I never use. It helped to de-clutter audio settings screen and it also helps the system to fallback on correct audio output when I disconnect my headset

Not a big fan of Musk but I expect Twitter to improve in many ways under his rule

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