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Simple Mobile Tools for Android are pretty cool. They are open source, spyware-free and they also allow deep customization up to a launcher icon appearance.

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Do not click opt-out in spammers' e-mails. They use this to check whether you're receiving and reading their messages. Plus, you don't have to opt-out of something you never opted-in. Just move spam letters, well, to spam.

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Good news for Element. The lesson here for anyone involved in Android development is to make Google Play one of multiple distribution channels. My priorities for distribution have been:

1) Google Play
2) My own website
3) F-Droid

that's going to change to:

1) My own website
2) F-Droid
3) Google Play

Got all the parts I need to make a Bitcoin/LN node. SD card seems to be the weakest component and it's actually not necessary since Raspberry Pi 4 supports USB boot. I guess I'll deal with it later and stick with vanilla RaspiBlitz setup for now.

"The decision made decades ago to add chemicals to plastics that cause them to disintegrate under ultraviolet light, so they don't remain in landfills for hundreds of years, means that we cannot effectively preserve plastic-encased electronics that we would like to save from landfills."


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TIL: some M.2 SSDs use SATA instead of NVMe. I was close to ordering the wrong one, but decided to contact Argon40 support and verify that the model I was about to buy won't have any power issues.

This one looks cool, gonna give it a try. An SSD slot with UASP support should speed this thing up quite a bit.

Syncing blockchain on a Raspberry Pi 4. I expected it to take a day or two, but it looks like it will take four or five days. Not sure why, it doesn't seem to be CPU-bound. Maybe its too much to handle for my old HDD.

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"According to a Eurobarometer survey, 77% of EU citizens would rather repair their devices than replace them; 79% think that manufacturers should be legally obliged to facilitate the repair of digital devices or the replacement of their individual parts."

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"Parliament wants to boost sustainability by promoting reuse and repairs and by tackling practices that shorten the lifespan of products."


A lot folks who use and maintain open source software seem to be obsessed with privacy, for a good reason.

Things get a lot more controversial when it comes to other properties of open source software, such as increased censorship resistance.

I still struggle to accept that people can be both pro-privacy and pro-censorship.


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