WireGuard feels like magic. The more I use it, the more I like it

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It doesn't have to be like this. It's pretty easy to keep most Android apps well under 10 MB

Mobile apps have grown enormous in terms of disk space. I used Grab to order food but switched to FoodPanda just because I don't have ~500 MB that Grab needs

I've been playing with Lightning Network lately. It works great when I use it on server, but there are zero native Android apps for node management or even simple payments.

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The best developers in the world are working on #Bitcoin, an exponentially advancing technology.

A Bitcoin history thread from Pieter: the early history of Taproot. twitter.com/pwuille/status/140

TIL: there is a tool called ssh-import-id and it awesome. It's kind of reversed the way I used to setup passwordless SSH auth

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It became fashionable to criticize Bitcoin mining because of its energy consumption, but how much electricity we're ready to spend in order to protect people from censorship? App stores are notoriously hostile to open-source software, donation aggregators such as Petreon can shut down any project at any moment and the fees are unfairly high anyway. We're not wasting energy "for nothing", it's our only chance to protect our freedoms and to get rid of middlemen who also consume a lot of energy.

Just finished watching "Money Explained" on Netflix. It does a great job at highlighting the darkest corners of modern finance and their inhabitants. It's a bit populistic, though.

Some folks wrongly assume that it's slow and that it doesn't support concurrent reads. In fact, it can be faster than the alternatives, because you don't have the network overhead. And more importantly, SQLite databases don't need maintenance and they're dead simple to backup

A lot of people don't take SQLite seriously, but it's actually one of the best options for many backends, especially self-hosted ones

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Simple Mobile Tools for Android are pretty cool. They are open source, spyware-free and they also allow deep customization up to a launcher icon appearance.

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Do not click opt-out in spammers' e-mails. They use this to check whether you're receiving and reading their messages. Plus, you don't have to opt-out of something you never opted-in. Just move spam letters, well, to spam.

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Good news for Element. The lesson here for anyone involved in Android development is to make Google Play one of multiple distribution channels. My priorities for distribution have been:

1) Google Play
2) My own website
3) F-Droid

that's going to change to:

1) My own website
2) F-Droid
3) Google Play

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