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budkin @budkin@mastodon.social

I love change. Any change is good to a certain extent

I shouldn't have been born

going to Moscow this weekend

@anarchiv hey! I found the bookchin! look up @ HeckTheCistem

okay so I made the switch from i3 to Gnome 3 again. i just love change. can't help it

No one should ever work.


does anybody have a tl;dr?


very nice, i'm a long time systemd-boot user, and I've never regretted switching to it. hope Ubuntu follows suit

@tastytentacles thanks for the follow! how is it going?

another funny thing about Russian: if you ask "was there no lecsó [at the grocery store]?", doesn't matter whether you reply yes or no, it means the same thing - there wasn't. if you want to say there was, you have to say "there was" explicitly

funny thing about Russian: when a Russian says "I don't love <smth>", they really mean they don't like it. it's a little bit weird to say "I don't like coffee" in Russian, "I don't love coffee" is much more preffered, same goes to any other inanimate thing or fact or whatever..

kind of a peculiarity of the Russian language

I'm not impressed by my new headphones so far

tfw nobody ever said that my music taste was good. nobody likes the music i like

first day: loved it, second day: hated it, third day (today): loved it again.. my work log

What are the pros of T480p over T460p? I'm thinking about buying a T460p