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budkin @budkin@mastodon.social

I'm going to be a Go programmer

I'm halfway through to finding a job

Am I the only one who prefers looks to usability? Because Chrome is so much more usable than Firefox in its current state, but it doesn't look native on Windows10

i have a few close friends, but I've got nobody to share Black Metal masterpieces with. Enjoying this song right now youtu.be/KnyZIHFNoKc?t=2m24s

no black metal buddy

@carlchenet Hi! I'm sorry for messaging you here, but I didn't find a better way to contact you. I have an issue with feed2toot, could you please tell me where I can report it? Thank you for your work!

for that mattter, one thing I miss the most in Firefox itself coming from chrome is omnibox


ah, the server is down, okay 😞

Why can't I follow this Bot?

Doesn't work for everyone or just me? It gives me status 503


wow, such a valuable feature buried so deep in the registry. should be on by default (I mean the latter bullet point)

is there any way to see how many stars a particular toot has gained?

I say "how long have you been a vegan for"
it types
"how long have you been begging for". Android voice recognition everyone

follow-up: so it wasn't a redirection issue after all 😞

I'm switching to Firefox on Win10, because it's the only browser that looks native. I'm not even considering the fact that it has no global hotkeys a major hindrance

What is the best translating extension, that is compatible with 57? I want it to behave like Google Translate extension on chrome, so that when I highlight a word, it's automatically translated and I can listen to pronunciation

So I wanted to create a bot and I signed up for another account, but when I entered my email, I think I made a typo, because the I didn't get the confirmation email. I've waited for 10 minutes already. Is there anything that can be done? Also, just curious, is there such a thing as too many redirects? That's the second possible reason why I didn't get the email

Can someone explain why private personal toots count as regular toots here mastodon.social/media/GynnnY3y

this seems like a security issue

Were long (500 symbols) toots first on Mastodon or Tweeter? I think it was on Mastodon first. So, if Mastodon keeps up innovating, this can become like WhatsApp vs Telegram. Mastodon being the Telegram 😂 noice

I wonder if there has been any news about broken encryption on HDDs, be it LUKS or Btilocker or whatever Apple uses in their machines. I've heard of a case when CIA couldn't decipher an iPhone, but what about consumer HDDs?

I hate this shit on deezer
region locked songs. but that's not enough of a reason to return to Google Play